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Flora_and_Fauna_Northbridge_0088Anything is possible. Recent thoughts and a few personal observations.

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I was trying to think about what topic to write about in my next ‘personal’ post, given that I have recently been hitting this blog up with denim style posts and a little beauty. Mulling over the ‘things’ I have been up to/ thinking about I got a jumbled mess of the following…

Dementia and knowing I pretty well just saw my Nana for the last time that she will remember me (hopefully not, but well, its likely). The feeling that although we age physically, we feel younger than we are in our minds.

Plans for the next few months of site content, collaborations and setting up projects for our trip through Europe… gotta secure some clothes to shoot! Wondering what a good price for a personally guided tour of Morocco for a week is… How we still need to book connecting flights/ rail passes/ some accommodation ASAP!

My recent short family trip to Adelaide and the amount of work I had to get done before it that left me completely wiped out, but that the sunny weather was like a reward. Thinking of so many people that I love and never see anymore. Wishing my friends who I miss terribly as much love as I can mentally send them. Dreaming up the trip where I could go and visit each one across Australia (and further) and if nothing else sit down over a cup of tea and catch up. Followed by some interpretive dancing (my favourite!).

The boots I just bought (half price) which I have been stalking forever and finally managed to find ready to give my poor over worn Chloé studded boots a bit of a rest. I hope they arrive soon!

Reminding myself to edit video content, prune the tree and bushes in our front garden bed and make more granola/ raw balls.

How I loved the movie Tomorrowland and apparently no one else did! Seriously, it was a fun ride! I adore Britt Robertson’s super positive character and that hair!

Observing the insane comments coming through Instagram after the premier of the new season of Fashion Bloggers on E! this week. There are simply people out there who just do not understand this industry at all. I think that is a good thing. I could never be a nurse or doctor or a host of other things like that, I am in awe of my friends and family who perform these roles. (Though, there are plenty of bloggers who are in the medical industry as well.)

I tell you what, thinking about fashion doesn’t stay all that exciting 24/7 which is why I schedule that type of work and focus on other things in addition. No matter what your industry is, labelling something as ‘superficial’ without knowing the full side of the story is ignorant and embarrassing. I have had friends tell me honestly that they find all of this ‘blog stuff’ to be shallow. I get that. It sure can be and some of it can certainly seem that way from the outside. Given that the Fashion Bloggers show features a few established Australian bloggers (who like most are not limited solely to that job title), there will naturally be some confusion about their jobs by the wider public who are unfamiliar with what they do and why. While parts of the show may seem OTT to even myself at times, I understand that making a show which trails someone for hours on end as they send emails, research, edit images and draft posts on their laptop hardly makes for interesting viewing. Fast forward the details to the events, beauty, fashion, travels, runways, meetings, shoots etc… that does make for a lot more interesting viewing.

I imagine given the show is picking up attention, it will not be long before other less polished reality blogger shows are created. Perhaps bloggers from different stages in their careers will be trailed to show what they do or even put them into a competition to gain a grant/ sign with a big agency/ work on big projects etc. “Fashion blogging” is essentially real people working in a new area of an industry which transfers well to the reality TV market. The term ‘blog’ is really just another term for ‘small business’. I plan to enjoy watching this season and find most of the bloggers involved to be very inspiring.

If nothing else, visiting my Nana and observing the resilient, strong woman she is, I consider myself to be very lucky to have so many opportunities to create opportunities. Sure, we are all ageing, it could all slip away so fast, but I am inspired to keep getting out, exploring, chatting to people, inspiring others, living positively and being happy.

Tout est possible!

wearing: bohemian traders utility vest, cotton on tee, ziggy denim jeans, leather converse.
photographed by: emily suresh (edited by jenelle witty)
shot at SGT. peppers vintage and vinyl collective


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