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Winter coat to invest in now and wear for years

Which winter coats are must-haves that you will keep on wearing for years. A winter wardrobe essential.


I have a few winter coats that I’ve collected over the last five years which serve me well each winter. There are more examples than needed below especially to create a capsule winter coat wardrobe. But I wanted to give you plenty of ideas and options. Something might strike a chord with you that doesn’t with others of course! Personally, I love classic neutrals to go with anything and everything. But a little bit of colour is always fun too. I’ve broken up the styles into categories below, let me know in the comments which coats you are into!

Also, how many is a good amount? I dare say three. One wool coat for keeping you super warm, one lighter trench coat and one other coat for variety. That variety definitely comes in handy if one coat gets damp from the rain too! Enjoy the look back at some of my older outfit photos too!

Uniqlo U black coat, Boden silk camisole, cropped jeans, outfit worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle
Elliatt Coat
Staple the label coat, striped tee, Midas slides
Uniqlo Ultra Light Down (ULD) hood coat outfit with mini skirt cashmere knit worn by Jenelle from the blog Inspiring Wit.

These days I have whittled my collection of black coats down to two of the examples you see above, the first coat and the last. Both are from Uniqlo, one is wool and the other is an ultra-light down puffer. As you can see, I tested a fair few in recent years to see which style I wore the most. In the end, I simply accumulated too many, they took up too much space. So I donated the ones I wore less to a winter coat/ blanket appeal. I’d like to think they have gone to a better home where they were needed and got more wear.

Essentially, I find a black coat is a chic coverall that just tends to look good thrown over anything. It keeps styling simple, sure, and may not be super exciting but simple is often best. I’ve worn these over everything from the super casual looks to the more dressy. An essential for me! Do you own a black coat?

classic trench coat, a must have winter coat
Everlane the drape trench coat in khaki worn with high waisted jeans classic outfit idea for spring or fall worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle Witty street style photo
Winter outfit idea with trench coat and pink baguette bag

Be it a classic beige trench coat, or a coloured one, I love a trench. They make everything look so chic. Even my sweatpants and sneakers combos! Since I live in a warmer climate, I get the most use out of a light trench. Though this year thus far we have had the coldest winter in 26 years! So it’s really been testing me. My most worn trench coat is a classic from Everlane. But I also have a padded one from Uniqlo which keeps me warm.

Below, the coloured trench. I have not one navy trench, but two, one has pinstripes which is really my only printed coat! I’d be open to adding another but would probably stick to a classic print like a check or houndstooth. If I feel in the mood to switch the neutrals to the rest of my outfit, a little colour is fun. The pink coat was from Marks & Spencer Premium. And the navy ones I have are again from Uniqlo and Seed Heritage.

Uniqlo really are my first port of call for coats, you might notice. Particularly their Uniqlo U collections, which are often a cool cut with even nicer fabrics.

Navy trench coat Inspiring Wit street style Australian fashion blogger
trench coat that is a classic for winter
H&M street style for Perth new H&M store on Jenelle, Inspiring Wit australian fashion blogger. In pink trnech coat, ACDC vintage band tee and jeans.
Fashion bloggers Adelle Jenelle at the Winter Fest ball pit Dome in Yagan Square for City of Perth Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle
wool camel coat from Polo Ralph Lauren a staple winter coat
staple winter coat camel wool coat outfit

Another neutral favourite, I have two. A fancier one and another I reserve for the days I’d be more likely to get rained on. But really, they look almost the same. One is from again, Uniqlo, while the fancier one is a wool one from Polo Ralph Lauren. The camel coat just goes with everything, I throw it over any outfit and feel so much more put together. Dresses, jeans, suit pants, I often lean on the camel coat for it all.

fleece teddy coat from Uniqlo with wool pants for Autumn Winter outfit ideas worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle
army green teddy coat winter outfit idea from Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle

The teddy coat is really one of those styles that became really popular a few years ago. And have not gone away since. I now only have the first one you can see above, I decided to donate the olive green one. Mostly because I wore the camel coloured one more than the green and I was running out of closet space. They are such cosy, warm coats. My Camel one is from, once again, Uniqlo.

Although I am not a fan of synthetic fabrics in general, for an outer layer I am less particular. In terms of how I feel about them for the planet? Not good. They aren’t natural so they take forever to break down, if at all. In terms of how synthetic fabrics feel on, with a coat, I am wearing it over other layers. It really doesn’t touch the skin. I avoid synthetics in general. But I hate them as the first layer against my skin since they tend to make you sweat.

the printed coat

Okay, my bad. I just went through my coats and realised I still had this check coat from Boden. I’ll have to donate it because I clearly don’t need it if I haven’t worn it. This happens, particularly for winter clothes that I tend to pack away in storage for most of the year. To be honest, I don’t remember wearing this coat again outside of this matching suit pant style outfit.

This coat is from Boden, a UK brand I wear all the time and who make excellent winter coats. Though this is a lightweight one, I’ve worn some of their winter ones in wool too. Boden tend to have patterned and more colourful styles. So, if the plain styles are a little dull for you, definitely check out Boden for printed or colourful options.


Over to you! What are the must have coats that you wear all the time? Are you a neutrals fan like me? Prefer one style to another? Let me know below. I’d love to hear what your winters are like too.

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