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Avène A-Oxitive range review

Why the new Avène A-Oxitive range with Vitamin C innovation is protecting my skin against daily aggressors. Aka too much screen time and not enough jigsaw puzzles.

Avene A-Oxitive vitamin C range

As much as I hate to admit it, I do notice those signs of ageing in my skin. Though, to be fair at 36, I’ve been mostly pretty lucky where that is concerned. It’s not something I think about too much, and I definitely find myself trying to change any thoughts for concern into thoughts that ageing is a beautiful thing.

I’ve been meaning to go more into depth with sharing my skincare during the lockdown months, as I took the time to switch up my skincare routine. First I went through my cupboards and took out anything I’d forgotten to use, making a priority to finish off almost empty containers. Later I tried the new A-Oxitive Vitamin C range from one of my heavily relied upon skincare brands Avène. And, *spoiler alert* my skin has been loving it!

Avene A-Oxitive range review


In April Avène introduced their new A-Oxitive range, designed to fight against the harmful effects of daily aggressors such as pollution, free radicals and blue light from digital screens, all while providing hydration.

As someone who is constantly applying sunscreen daily only to be oddly teased about it should the topic come up in conversations, I like to point out that even inside, working from home, we have exposure to UV rays through windows and regardless, I am constantly in front of screens. I still feel I’m always having to subtly introduce a little knowledge about harmful UVB rays (without feeling like I’m lecturing). It surprises me often when I’m met with so little awareness of them from people around me. If I can encourage more people to look into it for themselves, I trust they will soon realise how harmful those rays can be for your skin alone.

When I heard about the Avène A-Oxitive range I was very keen to jump on it. Not only have I been reading more about the benefits of Vitamin C for skin, such as supporting collagen production, protecting against photoageing and free radicals and brightening skin.

I’ve been using Avène skincare for years (if you missed my previous reviews, click over here to my blog post about the Avène Essentials range). I have my favourites on hand all the time and I turn to them if my skin is ever reacting, or generally unhappy. The Avène products are all gentle, hydrating and before long seem to reset my skin to it’s best happy self.

I’ve been joking that by leveling up my workout routine lately I’m hoping to come out of quarantine ‘quarantoned’ but if my skin can also come out looking more refreshed, that’s a win-win too.

Avène A-Oxitive range review Jenelle from Inspiring WitINNOVATIVE GRADUAL RELEASE VITAMINS C AND E

The Avène A-Oxitive range includes an Antioxidant Defense Serum and a Smoothing Water Cream which use a combination of active ingredients to revive tired and dull skin. Vitamins C and E are gradually released to reveal brighter, refreshed skin.

So, what makes this range all that different? Avène’s innovative gradual release transforms Pro-Vitamin C into Pure Vitamin C when it comes into contact with the skin. It means Vitamin C is released gradually over the course of the day meaning you get results equivalent to 15% Pure Vitamin C* but in a more gentle way. Gradual Release Vitamin E helps fight against free radicals, and combining both Vitamins, the active ingredients work to boost radiance, reduce fine lines and provide long-lasting antioxidant protection. The Antioxidant Defense Serum includes GP4G to reinforce the skin’s natural defense against environmental aggressors. Finally, both products have Hyaluronic Acid to really lock in moisture and deliver hydration.

Like I said, a win-win.


So, how have I been finding it? I began using the range a few weeks ago, and the first thing I noticed was that switching back to Avène products in general after my cupboard clear out experiment, my skin began to calm down. Largely I think this is due to the Avène Thermal Spring Water which calms skin, soothes and works as an anti-irritant. Avène is the first brand I recommend to anyone who has sensitive skin or are experiencing irritations. Switching back to Avène any time my skin reacts to a new product, it heals and soothes quickly.


Using the Antioxidant Defense Serum both morning and night and the Smoothing Water-Cream as my day time moisturiser, I notice my skin has been brighter with less uneven redness either side of my nose and mouth. Plus the fine lines around my eye area look smoother. If like me you have been experiencing those first signs of ageing with some fine lines, this is a great option to help smooth them while ultimately protecting against free-radical damage.

It is also worth noting that often people with sensitive skin struggle with any Vitamin C products, so if you are in that boat, I feel like this will be a great solution for you. The Serum is light, absorbs quickly without feeling sticky or too harsh. The biggest difference for me initially has been noticing the redness going away and my skin looking bright and even-toned.

I’ve been putting on makeup a few times a week during lockdown and after switching to the A-Oxitive range noticed I could get away with a mineral powder rather than need a full coverage foundation. Since I don’t want to be wearing a heavy face of foundation if I can help it, that’s another win-win.

Avène A-Oxitive range review water cream


I love that the Smoothing Water-Cream is silky, melting into the skin without causing my skin to feel over hydrated. That’s something I’d really been noticing in the weeks prior to using the range, with my heart rate being raised often thanks to my cardio workouts. I’d been finding my skin would perspire, that my moisturiser and sunscreen would be moving more than I’d like. I was pretty happy to find the Avène Smoothing Water-Cream staying put. After all, I want glowing skin! Who doesn’t? It would be ideal as a light but effective daily moisturiser in a humid climate too.

review of the Avene A-Oxitive range


Ultimately, I’m keen to see how my skin looks after another month using the range, but I can already see the difference to my skin tone, the smoothness of my fine lines and it looks less dull and tired. You can see from the images above that my skin tone and texture is even, bright and glowing, both without and with a little makeup.

As I said, this is a great find for anyone who wants a Vitamin C product but who also has sensitive skin. That gradual release innovation is impressive, I love knowing that it is working for me over the course of the day, not creating a harsh reaction on my skin as soon as I apply. Since I seem unlikely to give up my screen time anytime soon (I did manage one novel and two 1000 piece puzzles in ISO but I got a lot of work done too!), this is a must-have for me.

Let me know below if you have any questions for me about the range. Have you used a Vitamin C product? Or anything from Avène? Please let me know if you have used Avène before and what you loved! And also, not that it’s a competition, how many ISO jigsaw puzzles have you done??

*Serum: In-vitro study.
Created as a collaboration with Avène. As always, all opinions my own.

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