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At-home style wearing Australian brand Hybernate

It’s been a hot minute since I was regularly blogging so I wanted to share why I took a blogging break. What I’ve been up to and the things I (of course!) am excited to share.

Inspiring Wit wearing Hybernate at home

How is it going? It has been so long (almost twenty days!) since my last blog post and that’s about the longest break that I’ve had in years. YEARS! What is going on?! If you also follow me on Instagram, you will know I’m alive and well. Assuming you may stumble across this blog by searching (hello all of you looking for La Mer reviews, sizing info for Realisation Par, Anine Bing, Everlane etc!), I’ll give you an intro again on who I am.


Righto, so I have been blogging about fashion, beauty, and travel with a sprinkling of lifestyle and self-development topics since 2010. A whole whopping decade! No wonder I needed a little pause. Inspiring Wit has been my little slice of the internet since a bit of a rebrand in 2014. Fast forward six years and we all know the world has gone through some changes. But here I am, albeit in a very different space than where I started, typing away with a candle burning by my side. My mission has always been to share things that inspire me and in turn inspire you. I always aim to provide value and inspiration.

Over the last few weeks, having ticked off the bigger points I wanted to cover on here, I felt a bit amiss. Sure, I could have kept on sharing, lord knows I actually have drafted posts here from five years ago that have yet to see the publish button. However, when I’ve ever faced a wall, not entirely knowing what value I am providing or how to articulate something in the best way, I find it better to hit pause. After all, phoning it in and posting something sub-par isn’t exactly inspiring.

So that is essentially what I did. A mini-pause. Actually, in those three weeks, I have been stupidly busy with projects each day. So much so that I was actually ready to be back blogging again over a week ago but didn’t have time. Rather than push it and try to add yet another task to my long to-do list, I let it go. Still, here I am on a Sunday evening raring to share. I missed this webspace. Some of those projects you will start to come up soon, both here and on Insta.


Over on Instagram, I share style videos on IGTV and occasional beauty videos. During the lockdown months, I decided to create more often and eventually asked on my stories if I should stick to two videos a week. The votes swung in the direction of yes meaning I was going to have to get busy filming. So far, I’ve actually planned an IGTV schedule up until the end of June with videos going live Monday’s and Thursday’s. You can find the channel here.

It feels like a pretty big commitment, to be honest. But, I am loving it all the same. Writing blog posts has always felt natural to me so I’ve stuck to that. Even when I really noticed the shift to socials and still can’t deny the number of eyeballs on Instagram vs that number here. All the same, I love having my own site and platform so I’m committed to both. The advantage of videos is that I can visually and quickly share tips that I can go into greater depth with here. Both offer different things and if you are like me, you enjoy video but are happy to sit down and read a bit too.

Without rattling on more and more, I hope you have all been keeping well. This week I’ll be sharing some of the skincare I’ve been trying during lockdown (heads up, it’s reduced my fine lines so I’m all about it!), as well as fresh fashion inspo and more.

Hybernate Clothing


Please let me know below how you have been going? I want to hear about how things are where you live. Are you still in full lockdown mode? Here things are more relaxed since there aren’t any active cases in my state. I’ve yet to go to a restaurant or cafe but have managed to catch up with friends for a picnic yesterday and it was awesome. I’d love to hear how you are going so please let me know in the comments below.

Oh and before I forget, pictured above I am wearing a top and jogger pants that I’ve basically lived in at-home during the iso months. From an Australian brand called Hybernate, the light jersey fabric is so soft and chilled for being at home without overheating. My apartment heats up from the direct sunlight so I’ve been needing that lightweight fabric. They make minimal loungewear and sleepwear that don’t have crazy cute patterns like so many other pj’s do. I love sharing local brands I trust, so this one is worth checking out if you are still on the hunt for loungewear. If you want further ideas, I’ve added loungewear and activewear edits to my shop page here.

xx Jenelle

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