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Why Her on Oxford is the new Perth hair salon I am going to and how it’s been keeping my hair healthy.

Mirror reflection at Her on Oxford, the new hair salon Perth is loving.


My hair has been so happy and healthy of late and I am so stoked. Below, I thought I would talk about the products I use at home which have been making a huge difference.

In addition, I wanted to share Her on Oxford, which is the latest salon to open in Perth, causing quite a stir. The owner, Faye Redfern boldly decided to open during the pandemic, which takes guts! But, for Faye it was time. I am so happy because Her on Oxford is a short walk from my house. I’ll go into more detail below.

Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit at Her on Oxford, Perth's newest hair salon.


During lockdown, I couldn’t help but notice my hair slowly grew. Thank goodness! I’ve always wanted long hair, and I mean super long. Until now, it only ever really grew to a certain length, then stopped and began to split.

What did I do differently? Before I share more on Her, I’ll share what I’ve been using at home that has made a difference.


I made sure to use a hair treatment once, if not twice a week. Usually, I get away with washing it twice a week.

I used a treatment mask from Lenore Greyl. But have moved on to using Olaplex no.3 as well as Amika Soulfood. To encourage growth from the scalp, I use the Ouai Scalp Scrub prior to each wash. I tend to get an irritated scalp, so that helps to lift the dead skin cells and encourage growth. Another scalp scrub I’ve used and love is by Frank Body, which is a little less strongly fragranced than Ouai.

Below are the products I use to repair and encourage growth.

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In terms of the rest of my haircare products, I’ve been using the following. New to me, was Oribe, for shampoo and conditioner. It certainly is rich and hydrating but I feel other brands are equally effective at a lower price point. I love Klorane and Aveda, so I go back to both for shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo. To keep my hair dry if I need to, I use a Shhhhsilk shower cap. After washing, allow my hair to part dry in an Aquis towel. Finally, I spritz the Verb Leave-In Mist after washing for extra hydration.

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Finally, I dry off the rest of my hair with my Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. I’ve reviewed this before, back here. You might have seen I recently started using the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener too. I’ve shared two IGTV videos on how I curl with it and create sleek straight hairstyles. It is incredible!

A lot of my hair health can be attributed to the switch from using a curl wand to the Corrale. The technology is outstanding. It has been designed to minimise heat damage and I can see it improving after a few months of use. I’ve packed away all of my other hair tools. Using these from Dyson has saved my hair and space in my bathroom.

Last, of all, I style my hair with a Slip Silk scrunchie. And I brush it with the famous and incredible Mason Pearson hairbrush. A splurge, yes, but damn, that brush is amazing! Shop my hair styling tools edit below.

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Long wave hair styled by Faye at Her on Oxford, the new salon in Perth on Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle Witty.
Long wave hair styled by Faye at Her on Oxford, the new salon in Perth on Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle Witty. Also wearing a Uniqlo tee and gold jewellery
smocked top
Perth hair salon Her on Oxford is beautiful. Why you need to book in.
decor details at Her on Oxford. Perth's new minimal hair salon.
Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit at Her on Oxford, Perth's newest hair salon.


Olaplex and hair products on the minimal shelves at the new salon Her on Oxford in Perth.

Her on Oxford in Mount Hawthorn is a beautiful, bright and minimal salon. Enter via the pastel pink doors and be greeted by it’s light-filled interior. Oh, and the beautiful Her team.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it is all about the ladies either, Her is a gender neutral salon. The name “Her” came about as Faye recognised clients would always come in talking about being inspired by other women, wanting to reference other hairstyles and looks. Faye wished to turn this on it’s head and instead place the focus back on the individual. On who they are, what their lifestyle was all about, on their natural hair texture and colour and focus on enhancing that, rather than cover that up.

Products from Australian brand Kevin Murphy at Her on Oxford, Perth's newest hair salon

Opening mid-pandemic was certainly a bold move, which illustrates Faye’s determination. Essentially, since moving to Perth, Faye has been working at some of the cities most loved salons, waiting for the right time to open her own space. During lockdown she took to her Instagram account sharing how to’s on at home hairstyling. She also found the perfect space and decided to go for it, undertaking a renovation of a former children’s gift store at the top of Oxford Street.

I’d walked past the space before the signage went up, peeking in to see what would soon be my new salon of choice, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Before I go further, I want to say I was so so happy with my hairdresser, Tace Thomspon who has been doing my hair for the last couple of years. Tace is amazing, I love her. It took me a lot to consider going to see a new hairdresser, the only reason I decided to visit Her in the first place was the distance, as Her is a short walk from my house. Unfortunately, Tace is based quite a drive away from me and it meant it would take half of a day if I went to visit. If however you are based in or near Mandurah, please check her out here.

Matthew Lander's floral installation using dehydrated flowers
Vogue and Vanity Fair at Her on Oxford in Perth

One thing I have always struggled with when it comes to hairdressers and finding a good salon is trust. Not a word of a lie, I usually sit stiff and awkward in the chair. I worry so much that I turn my stomach into knots. Plus I have probably already lost sleep the prior night before I got to the appointment. Why? Well, I guess, it’s silly! At the end of the day, hair is just hair, it grows back. You can re-dye it and always wear a hat. But when you are on camera as often as I am- sometimes every day, I tend to get protective. And, I have been burned.

It’s taken years to regrow one chunk of my hair after I visited a hairdresser for a project. I was working with one of my favourite hair product brands, Aveda, who sent me to a Perth salon. They also cut my hair, and one chunk of it was cut so short. I’ve never been able to get it to stay in a ponytail since. Sounds silly, but I felt like I’ve had this rat’s tail style section which has driven me mad for years. YEARS. I hated it! Only in the last few months, my hair has grown, and with it, that section. It now happily stays in a ponytail. YAY!

Where to go in Perth for the best hair care, Her on Oxford
Glass tea set

One thing I love about Her is the attention to detail in the minimal design. It is so easy to feel relaxed, calm and just enjoy some pampering. One tip, order the green rose tea, it’s beautiful and I love the tea tray and glassware. I think I stay longer just to enjoy that time and make sure I finish the tea. We all need that time out sometimes.

I love the relaxing basin experience, those leather recliner chairs are so comfortable. The head massage they do is so incredible and so welcome on a stressful day. So far, Faye has styled my hair into the lived-in waves that I love. Plus she ended up trimming it a little. Somehow she ends up styling my hair in a way where it looks longer! I love that! Products wise, Her on Oxford carry Olaplex, my favourite, and Australian brand Kevin Murphy. I’ve used a couple of Kevin Murphy products, so I’ll have to review those next.

Down the line, I might go back to some minimal highlights in my hair. As I love how that looks and haven’t had them done in such a long time.

Perfect waves on Jenelle from Inspiring Wit at the new salon Her on Oxford
Long wave hair styled by Faye at Her on Oxford, the new salon in Perth on Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle Witty.
Hair secrets for the best long waves from beauty blogger Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit

The first time I visited Her I was vlogging for the day, which I thought I’d share here too. Take a further peek into the salon, and follow along on my YouTube. You can also see the beautiful mural by artist Cassandra Anderson on the back wall. It’s so pretty!

Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle at the Her on Oxford hair salon with soft healthy wave hair

Alright, that’s enough from me. I didn’t actually plan to post this post at all but since I’d shot so many photos! Plus, I was so happy with Faye and Her on Oxford, I wanted to share. Ask away if you have any hair related questions below, I would love to hear from you.

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