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On the beach with Triangl Swim.

Triangl_Black3 Sometime in the heart of Winter I was gifted a couple of pieces from Triangl Swim. It has taken me a while to share them, but with this glorious Perth Summer Spring, I finally can.

Triangl_Black2 Of course, for someone who loves neoprene (that scuba fabric) I was certainly keen to give Triangl a try and had seen them all over Instagram (with 1.3 million followers, it is easy to see why).

I wear a lot of black, so the style choice was pretty easy. I love the zipper detail, but ultimately for my shape I probably should have gone with a triangle top- I will know for next time. My favorite part is the attention to detail- such as the matching bag for storing the pieces, and the closing clasp.

The bottoms tend to hug the body fairly tight, so I would recommend going a size up, but I can see what all of the fuss is about, these are great swim pieces. Thanks Triangl Swim!

Wearing: Triangl Swim Winnie New York Noir $97.00
Photographed By: Mario Recchia

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