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I shot a few (note I say a few) images backstage during our Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Restyle campaign shoot, and thought I would share.

Fashion-Two-Point-One-Makeup In-The-Dressup-Box Demelza Smudge-In-The-Dressup-Box 10548916_651786814895875_1753237175533125645_o Leather Lace Lipstick
I was busy getting my own hair and makeup done so missed some of the other bloggers on set and getting ready, but managed to sneak in a few. The image above with me getting my makeup artfully done by Brooke Carter I have borrowed from Vicki of The Fashionable Mum. (Thanks Vicki!). Head back to my previous post here to find out more about who my fellow Restyle bloggers are. For now though, I would like to introduce my hair and makeup team: Maurice.Meade.BenHardcastle

Hair Stylist Ben Hardcastle @ Maurice Meade for L’Oreal Professionnel Vicki and I kindly had our hair done by Ben Hardcastle of Maurice Meade. I visit Me. Style, Maurice Meade’s cool Claremont salon to get my hair refreshed, so was stoked to learn Ben would be taking control of my messy locks for the shoot! Ben was just the coolest. I could not have asked for more, and can highly recommend him. He slicked down one side of my hair and made the other half sleek, bouncy and shiny with L’Oreal Professionel goods. I wish I had Ben on hand when shooting my Restyle looks- there have been several occasions where my average hair styling talents have driven me mad. Ben would have come in handy. Come to think of it, I may book in to see him before I shoot what I have left on my list! Find Ben at the Karrinyup Maurice Meade.

MAKEUP. SimoneCohen.Makeup.Artistry

Makeup @ Simone Cohen Artistry I met Simone at least a year ago either at the Lauren Wood Beauty studio (now closed, hence why Simone has founded her company Simone Cohen Artistry) or on set for some of the Beaufort Street Festival Fashion Program I was helping out on. Or maybe it was backstage for something else… I think it is too tough to pinpoint which as I seem to run into Simone so often. She is always bubbly and creating amazing looks for the models, and in this case for us Restyle bloggers. Bringing along with her a couple of other makeup artists, I knew we were in excellent hands.

My makeup was done by the gorgeous and funny Brooke Carter (who did a great job, so I can forgive her for thinking I looked like Kristen Stewart!). If you need makeup done for an event, call either of these lovely ladies to sort you out, fuss free.

I hope anyone who is thinking of participating in our Restyle challenge has gotten some looks under their belts as the August 1st date looms closer. I have pre-shot a heap of my looks with some great local photographers so that they can be all ready to go on the day. I have a few more to shoot, and am still not happy with my double denim option (but I will get to that as it is conveniently on day 30 buying me some time!) but I think the rest is there. It took me AGES to figure out how I will style day one, GLITTER, as although I found the glitter item easily enough, like a lot of the other pieces it was MILES too big for me and needed altering. Now though, I have finished reshaping it and had a stroke of genius (well, not quite genius- let’s say a winning thought) late last night, running to my closet and changing into what I will now be sharing with you on August 1st. I am trying hard not to style everything back with black jeans- my uniform, and am putting in the effort to make the most of the rest of my wardrobe to style the op-shop finds with. It has become a great excuse to actually wear things I forget I have.

Are there any style prompts you are still stuck on? Let me know!  Need a refresh on the style prompt list and calendar? Flick back here. Restyle 2014, TPFF Restyle, Telstra Perth fashion Festival

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