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Day-Three-Jenelle-1My look for day three of TPFF

Day-Three-Jenelle-3 You have got to love the daytime events during TPFF to give you proper time to mingle, shoot outfit shots or street style, go and check out the sideshow events like the Makeshift program and catch up with the other happenings in Perth. On day three I walked the runway then dressed like Mickey Mouse!

Day-Three-Jenelle-5Day-Three-Jenelle-6 Day-Three-Jenelle-2Day-Three-Jenelle-4Day-Three-Jenelle-7Josh Goot Shirt, YB J’amie by Yeojin Bae Shorts, Katherine Dunmill Bucket Bag, Chloe Studded Boots

I think it is more than evident that I had a little more time on my hands to shoot on the Friday after the Restyle Runway at Fashion Central. No quick snaps taken in front of the Kung Fu School while dropping Mario off to teach/ train as I head off to the evening shows! (Now you know, sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes, also now you know why I let him carry my camera equipment when we are out and about, his black sash is equivalent to ‘really, don’t mess with me’)

As I knew the weather was to heat up, and that we would be walking across town for afternoon shoots and meetings, I went with my trusty boots and this cool silk shirt. But wait, to break up my otherwise achromatic pallet, I decided to wear my new favourite shorts in fire-engine red! Otherwise known as my Mickey Mouse shorts! Yay! I am all for dressing in neutrals as you know, but this was just too much fun not to wear. I snapped these wool shorts up on sale (find them 50% off in the link above). So, while definitely not in my ‘capsule wardrobe’, these red shorts are a fun addition. The shirt was in my capsule, it is Josh Goot from oh, a hundred years ago, but one of the essentials I love to pair in new ways. Once you are onto a good thing… the rest is too easy.

Photographed By Mario Recchia

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