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TIME TO WRITE: The art of handwriting (why you need it!)

by jenellewitty@gmail.com

Time to Write campaign for Officeworks with Perth blogger Inspiring WitJoin me in reconnecting with your deeper thoughts and see what it can lead to. It is time to write.

As you may have read, I have been taking action to be more mindful. I have been making time to practice meditation, slow down, observe my thoughts and consider my actions. This month I have been asked to participate in Time To Write thanks to Officeworks.


Essentially, Time To Write calls on Australians to uncover the personal benefits of writing by hand. On a larger scale, the plan is to redefine the role that handwriting plays in progressive society.

Time to Write campaign for Officeworks with Perth blogger Inspiring Wit breakfast


I have always been a big writer. I wrote letters to pen pals and family, kept diaries and scribbled thoughts, sketches and notes into endless notebooks. Recently, with the dedication to social media interactions (and growing our brand), I have spent a lot less time scrawling my notes. Whilst I message friends constantly, I no longer send letters. Does anyone do that anymore? When was the last time you wrote a letter? And no, angry feedback emails don’t count!

The power of a hand written letter is not lost on me. My cousin contacted me recently to tell me that one of my letters, written as a child has created a memory that no social media post could.

“Aunty Bevely has a letter from you in a frame and often asks after you. She has dementia now so doesn’t remember too much but your letter is a reminder of her slipping memories of family and who she is.”


Writing by hand requires full physical and mental concentration. Putting pen to paper encourages deeper, more lateral thinking. As a result we consider each word that is written. I admit I spend time on Instagram sending out comments with often little consideration. It is certainly easier to send an emoji than it is to really consider your words and reaction. Handwriting allows you to produce something to which you are more deeply connected.

Time to Write campaign for Officeworks with Perth blogger Inspiring Wit


Ultimately in the four weeks with Time To Write I want to take time to slow down, consider my thoughts to practice mindfulness and creativity. Furthermore, I would like to invite and encourage you to reconnect with the art of writing by joining me in the weekly challenges.


Officeworks has an important role to play in empowering people with the tools they need to put pen to paper, so it is hosting weekly challenges, centred around four themes:

  • Week 1 (29 August – 4 September) Opinions: What do you feel strongly about? What is the viewpoint you would like to express?
  • Week 2 (5 September – 11 September) Creative Expression: Write poetry, song lyrics, a piece of fiction, or a letter to a loved one.
  • Week 3 (12 September – 18 September) Positive Difference: Do you have an idea that could benefit the community, or even change the world?
  • Week 4 (19 September – 25 September) Daily Thoughts:  Pen your musings, reflections, memories or goals.

Officeworks will also be hosting community events at public spaces and wellness centres across the country. At each, people will be able to reconnect with the art of handwriting, with writing products supplied, as well as information around the personal benefits of handwriting.

Finally, on Saturday, 10th September the Time to Write challenge will come to life at Officeworks Joondalup which is set to include writing activities, giveaways and more.

To find out more information about Time To Write and how you can get involved head to www.timetowrite.com.au

Each week, I will share some of my handwritten thoughts, creative writing and affirmations over on Instagram @inspiringwit. I will be asking you to search and share Time To Write with the tag #timetowrite. I would love to see what you feel strongly about. How you express yourself creatively? What ideas you have for making a positive difference in the community? What are your goals or memories?


Do you want to take time to reconnect with your deeper thoughts? If you are always online or connecting through social media, do you want to connect with something that has a deeper meaning? It is time to command greater intellectual attention!

It will be exciting to see how, along with my daily meditation, taking time out each day to write will help in restoring some balance and creative inspiration. You never know, it may help me unblock something and help put me on a path to new goals. While I may not pen a short novel, getting back into the habit, processing my thoughts and commanding my attention I know will lead to something bigger.

It is time to write!!


*Sponsored post in collaboration with Officeworks 

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