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The Turtleneck For Everyday

by jenellewitty@gmail.com
Uniqlo sweater, Ellery blazer (similar here), One Teaspoon jeans, Windsor Smith Gillie heels, Uniqlo gloves, and hat.
Last time I shared my office look using the turtleneck sweater, this is my casual everyday take. Boyfriend jeans are a great alternative to skinny jeans, particularly when I have had enough of shimmying into skinnies and want to feel a little more relaxed. Having said that though, when worn with flats they can get a little frumpy, so pair with comfortable heels.
When shopping for those turtleneck knits with Uniqlo, I also picked out a pair of gloves and hat (I mean, they were super cheap- my hat, gloves, and two jumpers came in under $100). The hat is a little long- rolling it up makes it better, but the pom pom is super cute. I got this jacket at the Ellery clearance sale a few months ago and honestly thought though it is silk and beautiful, I would rarely wear it. I get a little scared I will spill coffee or tea and ruin anything white or cream, but I am trying my best. I can’t buy all of my clothes in black out of fear of clumsiness. If you have any spill avoiding tips- please share, I am useless!
Anyway, I wore this out for tea the other night and managed to keep it clean, proving it can be done!
Can you tell I felt a little more comfortable in this relaxed look than the office one? Maybe it’s the pom pom, I’ll have to try wearing one in the office and see if it brightens my mood. You can’t be too serious with a ball of wool on your head!
xx Jenelle
Photos taken by Mario Recchia

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