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This week it turns out is the week we are most likely to hit our first post New Year slump. Anyone else?

It occurs to me that in the month of January, after we have all had a busy few months (and I say few because if your calendar is anything like mine, it has been full of events and goings-on since September), it doesn’t actually slow down.

For most of us there is time for family and friends, for the beach and summer-sun worship taken in the New Year, then we spend time writing those lists of things we need to work on for the next year- the resolutions. The motivation for those achievements is at a high in the first few weeks, then there is a lull, possibly followed by an alteration of the resolution list (I really want to learn French, but, the time that will take each week… Learn French). After a little research I see that experts have found that the third week of January is when the resolve to stick to the resolutions usually wanes.

I think perhaps this year I wrote a list of to do’s that was so detailed and overwhelming that I became exactly that. Very quickly. Over the past few days I was hit with a stomach virus that has had me sleeping, moving slowly in recovery all week, during which time I had to take a hiatus from everything. No emails, no internet, no instagram, no food, no moving! After a few days I was bored, sick of sleeping and eating nothing but bland food (which I did need and am very thankful of Mario getting for me- he is an excellent nurse).

How can I be burnt out so fast?! Well, I didn’t break so much over Christmas- I have worked a TON, taken on courses and have been working on all sorts of little projects. I could make up excuses, however the truth is that I am not the only one who has not stopped, who has not been simply lazing by a pool reading a book and dozing in and out.

An anti-burn-out solution is necessary! I think that giving the resolutions and goals for the year a timeline is really important. It is time to go back and edit the list. I have knocked a few of the January goals off easily enough; however there are more to come and not a whole lot of time to finish them in. Planning but also allowing for new things to pop up instead is pretty vital.

My January list is sitting at about 60-70% finished which could be worse. This weekend I am going to close that gap and get a lot more of the things shot for new stories and catch up on the time I have lost.

Research suggests that it takes 66 days to create a new habit, so I guess there is a long way to go. Is anyone else struggling to keep up any resolutions?

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