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My most loved skincare and makeup from Mecca in 2019. The things that transformed my beauty routine from day-to-day.


My bank account will tell you I have a spending problem when it comes to all things beauty. Though, I swear, I’ve gotten better! I’m always torn between not actually needing anything (and wanting to use up what I have) and wanting to try new things to share with you all. Overall, I shop less and use what I have. There is something so satisfying about finishing a product all the way through that I’ve really loved. Across skincare and makeup, here are some of the favourites from Mecca that I’m excited about.

Oh and for those of you who aren’t from Australia and have missed my Mecca posts before, Mecca is basically our department store for all things beauty! Find more of my beauty reviews and posts here.

moisturisers from Mecca

Origins – Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream

Before this, I probably didn’t use any eye-cream during the day unless my eyes were looking particularly puffy after a night of no sleep. Giving this a go, just a touch, in the morning has brightened my eye area. It’s a tricky one because if you use too much, you can actually make them look even puffier. We don’t want that! That delicate, thin skin can get overloaded. This is the first (and so far only) Origins product I’ve tried. Powered by an energising duo of caffeine and panax ginseng, it brightens and helps fight signs of fatigue whilst softening the look dark circles and puffiness. I’ve almost made it all the way through this one, having used it continuously (though, not every day) since I got it mid-year.

Tatcha – The Dewy Skin Cream

I just said to Mario last night how I’ll miss this tub soon, as I’ve almost finished it. Definitely a new favourite, I’m pretty sold on Tatcha’s signature Hadasei-3 blend of anti-aging Japanese superfoods, green tea, rice, and algae. This dewy moisturiser is calming, it leaves my skin manageable, soft and hydrated. Though it can be used morning or night, I’ve tended to use it mostly at night, when I am not using my Creme de La Mer. Actually, lately, I alternated the two.

So, things like Japanese purple rice bran were new to me. It’s rich in antioxidants to help the skin recover from and shield itself against harsh external aggressors and stress while boosting the skin’s moisture content for healthier, luminous skin. Sounds good to me! Okinawa algae blend supports the production of hyaluronic acid and ceramides to improve the skin’s barrier functions for optimal moisture retention and reduced water loss. Finally, ginseng and Wild Thyme smooth skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

So far, I’ve yet to try much else from Tatcha but I would love to. I’d go so far as to say, this is among my favourite moisturisers. I’d be keen to try the oil-free Water Cream for day time. It’s luxury skincare, so I can’t help but compare it to La Mer. And I love both, so, there you go.

Go-To – Pinky-Nudey Lips! 

I’ve had this one a while, friends raved about it. I actually wrote a blog post on my thoughts on Go-To skincare back here. I appreciate the SPF in this one. My lips are always drying out, so having sun protection on them is vital.

Isle of Paradise self tan dropsbeauty products from Tatcha, Nars, Go-To Skin care

Too Faced – Hangover Primer

This hydrating primer is a cult favourite the world over. Infused with vitamin-rich coconut water, this primer is best for normal to dry skin and will ensure makeup applies easily and doesn’t flake throughout the day. I use this one a lot, but since I have normal to oily skin, I tend to reserve it for days where I am feeling my skin needs hydrating or want a more dewy finish. Overall, my preferred primer is still one by Mecca Cosmetica, the Soft Focus Smoothing Primer. That one is also a tiny bit cheaper and I’ve replaced it many times over. Though I’ve really liked the Hangover Primer, I would be more inclined to not re-purchase. I’m guessing it’d be best on dry to normal skin types.

Nars – Endless Orgasm Palette (Limited Edition)

Now, this one has sold out on the Mecca website, it was a limited release, so if you can track one down in-store or elsewhere, and you love using cream products, this is for you. Or, if they release a similar multi-use palette of satin cream shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips, take note. The light-weight cream formula is buildable and blends onto the skin seamlessly with a soft, velvety finish. The versatile shades are great to use alone as highlighters, on the lips, as eye-shadows or to add a glow to another blush. It’s one palette that I knew I wanted in my kit to play around with. It’s not at all a must-have but I love having something like this to add an extra dimension to blush, bronzer or to the eyes.

rms Beauty – Living Luminizer – Gold Luminizer – Magic Luminizer

One of my favourite skin/ makeup products, I adore these little pots of magic from rms. The chic frosted glass pots are enriched with nourishing coconut oil for hydration and make for the most perfect highlighters. They deliver a subtle sheen and luxe-looking glow without looking too over the top. The Living Luminizer offers an ultra-sheer translucent, satin-pearl finish, for an award-winning, lit-from-within glow. The Magic Luminizer has an iridescent champagne shimmer finish and is slightly warmer and more pink-toned than it’s original counterpart. I bought these as a limited edition set, with the Gold Luminizer too. It’s since sold out on Mecca, but I’ve seen it at Revolve beauty here. The Gold Luminizer is beautiful too, with a warm, yellow gold sheen, though not sold separately. At the moment there are Peach and a Champagne Rose Luminizers available too. I’ve not tried either, but I would bet they are all beautiful.

Though I have a surprisingly large collection of highlighters, I reach for these the most. I prefer them to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, which is seriously saying a lot!!

Nars Orgasm palette and other beauty productsMecca 2019 release products

Foreo – Luna 3 

I was pretty skeptical of these devices, wondering if they actually did anything to justify the cost. However, I realised after using the Luna 3 device for a solid week or two once a day that my skin was looking less-congested and felt smoother. Essentially it deeply yet gently cleanses, unclogs pores, gently removing dirt, oil, and impurities, with no need to replace brush heads.

I’d tried a brush cleansing device before this and had felt it ultimately was more annoying to use than beneficial, since the brush head never seemed to sit right, nor did it ever seem to clean up after use properly. Plus you had to replace the brush heads, and I am too lazy for that. What I love about the Luna 3 device is that the silicone is ultra-soft and hygienic. It also doesn’t need to be replaced and cleans up and dries quickly after use. That’s a win!

So how does it work? It uses 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute reach into your pores to wash away dirt, oil, sweat, make-up residue and dead skin cells.

The best part about it is…

But, that isn’t my favourite thing about it. The LUNA 3 provides a variety of firming massage routines to truly tailor your skincare routine. The whole device is synced up with an app on your phone, from which you can adjust the levels as you cleanse or switch to one of the four facial massage programs. With 16 customisable intensities and a number of different firming massages to target different facial zones.

Using the massage side which is on the back of the device, it’s made up of ridges that help firm and tighten the skin. I try to use this as part of my morning and night routine where I have time (though to do all of the four treatments takes under 15 minutes). If I ever wake up feeling puffy and need to shoot or go out to an event, I lean on it heavily to help de-puff and basically do some much needed lymphatic drainage.

Hourglass lip gloss and Stila eye shadow

Isle of Paradise – Self-Tanning Water

Lightweight and hydrating, this colour-correcting tan water mists onto skin and works over 4 – 6 hours to bestow a gorgeous sun-kissed glow, free from those tell-tale streaks and smell. It has been designed with hypoallergenic ingredients and actives at the ideal pH level. I use it in Medium which is formulated with Super Balance™ complex to reduce redness and calm the skin. I always hated the smell of self-tan products, so I barely used any. This year though, I was determined to try out some new alternatives I’d heard offered a different scent and easy streak-free application. For most of the year, I’ve been using these two from Isle of Paradise but also recently got the Elle Effect self-tanning mouse and I love them all. The spray is simple, but I still use a mitt to apply.

Isle of Paradise – Self-Tanning Drops

I also have the drops form of the same, again in the Medium shade. This one I mix into my moisturiser, controlling how deep the colour is dependent on how many drops I add. I use it on my body and face.

Laura Mercier – Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstick

I have a few of these Laura Mercier lipsticks, in the dark shades Chocolat Divin and Plum Noir as well as Nu Prefere (which is more my shade). They all deliver high impact colour, with a comfortable, weightless formula – perfect for all-day, fuss-free wear. The darker shades are stunning but I reserve for an evening event or to wear lightly as a stain with a balm over the top. Nu Prefere is a lighter pink-nude shade that is gorgeous for every day. I love that the formula is light, so I can also dab it onto my cheeks. The sleek metallic casing is very cool. The formula is made with Mediterranean Sea algae extract to moisturise and smooths skin’s appearance. They last a long time without drying out my lips, so it’s a winning formula for me!

Stila – Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

While I have this one in the shade ‘deception’ which was a limited release, I love wearing this under my eye shadows to make them shimmer. It’s cool on its own but I love it layered. The liquid formula is quick-drying and best of all its fallout-free which I find rare for glitter eyeshadows. The formula combines pearl and glitter particles with water-infused technology, that allows the shadows glide on with ease and set quickly to avoid fallout.

cosmetics products reviewWinter beauty products from Mecca in 2019

Bobbi Brown – Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil

I’m a lot less awkward if I’ve had time to shape and fill in my brows. Which is why I’ve tried a lot of brow products. And they were not all things that worked! This one, however, I love. This has a slant tip for precise definition and a spoolie end to comb and tame stray hairs. The waterproof formula is a mix of waxes and emollients that enables long-lasting wear of up to 16 hours. Sweat and humidity resistant, brows stay in place without smudging or fading. Win! I have it in a couple of shades to mix and fill in till it’s just right.

Hourglass – Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss

A lip-plumping shimmering lip gloss that provides a slick sheen of colour whilst hydrating and smoothing. Sounds good right? I could see what the hype was about from the first wear. These cult faves are a beautiful non-sticky formula. The hyaluronic acid, shea butter and avocado oil in this formula provide instant hydration, and all of the ones I’ve swatched seem beautiful. I have it in the limited and sadly now sold out Mecca Glow shade, but they are all pretty!

Nars – Exposed Cheek Palette (Similar here)

Nars had to be on my list more than once, as they are my favourite cosmetics brand. They release cheek palettes each year and I loved this one. It has a mix of peach, nude, brownish and plum tones which I’ve loved mixing up my makeup looks with. While it is now sold out, I highly recommend investing in a Nars cheek palette if you want to mix up how you create your everyday makeup looks. The finish is beautiful, it’s light but buildable.

That is it from me for now for all the things I loved from Mecca in 2019. Actually, this year I’ve added and tried so many cool things from Mecca that I could double this post but I won’t. I’ve got so many cool eye palettes and bits and pieces to share! Keep up with some of my IGTV posts for beauty looks that I’ll keep sharing too.

FYI: Products above are a mix of things I have been gifted and that I have bought. All thoughts and impressions, as always, remain my own.

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