by jenellewitty@gmail.com

BEAUTY TEST_03Lately in my free-time (?) I’ve been taking some photography tutorials and messing around with some shooting and editing stuff. I thought I would share some test shots/ edits with you.


I am really not sure who this post is for- other bloggers maybe? Perhaps to mark some practice shots that I can look back on later? Either way- this isn’t any sort of sponsored post, beauty review or outfit share etc.

First of all, these aren’t polished or great at all, I look super tired- probably because of the long hours I have been working at home and my office job, but it is worth it! (Or it will be when I get to travel).

I had wanted to play with the light and shadow, namely using the diffused light through the curtain, shot in my living room. When coming to shoot in studio, I like to have some recent ‘testing’ under my belt to save time. With each bunch of shots I took (with the help of my tripod and remote) I could review and see how things did or did not work for light/ posing/ direction to face etc. Sometimes if I haven’t shot anything in a while I overthink things and get frustrated- which naturally shows up in the shots. I imagine other bloggers feel this way from time to time.

This year I have plans to shoot with some other bloggers, they shoot me, I shoot them sort of deal, as I love shooting and often feel like I go too long without using my own camera myself.

For these shots I used the EF 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens and my camera is a Canon 5D Mark II

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