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I am so excited to share some news with you!

I am guessing by now that you have noticed I am more than a little obsessed with Lululemon Athletica. I spend a part of everyday in my activewear, be it outside or in one of the studios I regularly visit, I can depend on them for the most reliable wear in my workouts. The technology in the fabrications, the attention to developing pieces that support your practices is second to none. There are times I feel like my yoga class has transitioned into hot yoga, particularly on a 40 degree day and I could not be gladder than to be able to trust my clothing to not show embarrassing sweat patches!

For the next few months I am proudly working with Lululemon as an instagram ambassador, testing out a new look each month. I AM SO EXCITED! I love the brand, so I thought I would be completely transparent and tell you all that I am doing this straight up. Honestly, my friend put me onto Lululemon a few years ago when I rocked up to an outdoor beach workout class in my super cheap activewear I had bought from a place which was cheap but not at all known for great quality activewear. I ended up super uncomfortable in my gear while so many people in the class were looking amazing in their threads. I headed in to Lululemon for the first time later that week and have been OBSESSED ever since! They sorted me out with some basics to get started and I still use them all the time. Of course, I have added to my collection since too!

In these post swim snaps from the other week, Mon and I had finished up a beach yoga class and headed straight in for a swim all before 9am. I was so happy with the Lululemon swim pieces I got at the beginning of summer that when I spotted this top on sale, decided to grab it and give myself more options to mix and match. Better yet this set is black on the other side, so I can reverse it and stick to my neutral pallet! (As I revealed in my last post, the swimwear stories are popular, so I have a shoot with the reverse side on the way and one last swim story after that. Hey, it is still warm enough to hit the beach here in Perth and everyone is booking trips to Bali, so swimwear is still relevant!)

wearing: LULULEMON SWIM TOP and bottoms (a lot of the stock is offline at the moment, but there are still pieces in store on sale! run, don’t walk!)

photographed by: MONIQUE CECCATO

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