by jenellewitty@gmail.com

I am pretty excited to finally share a video post with you all! I have been dreaming up videos forever, probably because I studied acting many years ago and used to make up videos all the time. I recently came across these, and actually I am as much of a dork now as I was fifteen years ago when I first bought a camera. This may give you an insight into my stupid dance moves and general goofy behaviour most of the time.

So, this is my first video post, I have been filming for about seven months, whenever I remembered so that I could put a few of these together. This first one is a bit of an introduction to my sharing video posts. You will most likely recognise some outfits we have shot and shared back in summer, and see footage from the Urban Couture runway. There is an Autumn video coming soon for you, as I have a lot more footage to cut together. I realise too that I go to a lot of fashion shows and end up sharing more or less the same photos of the runway as everyone else, so expect to see a little more in the way of runway videos.

If you have any requests let me know, I am open to suggestions! Thanks for watching, I hope this makes you long for summer beach days as much as it does to me.

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