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How I dressed last year and what I plan to wear in 2021. My style resolutions. (Side note, there will still be lots of denim and essentials).

Looking back over last year, I still managed to get out when it was safe and shoot a lot of my outfits! Though I felt that I was sharing more on Instagram and IGTV in my styling videos more than the blog. In terms of my blog, the style guides kind of dropped off mid-year as we settled into lockdown. Now, where I am based, we are basically living without restrictions (they are light, at least) and there haven’t been any Covid cases in over nine months. So, my content can carry on as per usual for the most part. However, I want to be respectful of others who are in lockdown or under different circumstances.

Still, life goes on, so I hope to share style tips and services as much as I can. Below, are some of my favourite looks from 2020, broken up month by month. Some of these shoots are still in my draft file since I lost my blogging mojo mid-year. Actually, a lot never saw the light of day even though I was super excited about them. I will aim to share them in the coming months. There were times in 2020 it felt insensitive to share some outfits when most people are living in sweats.

Essentials you will note below include jeans, white or beige pants, neutral tones in general, tan accessories, strappy heels, dresses and midi skirts. The occasional animal print pattern found its way in there too.


Statement bags played a big part here. Scale, patent or metallic finishes or a standout colour to make an outfit more interesting. Particularly if the outfit is based around a simple denim jeans or skirt and top.

Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit with Rejina Pyo Nane bag


As heat waves settle in, I opt for simple slip dresses or skirts and camisoles. Light in weight, when I don’t want to be wearing anything heavier than linen, silk or a light cotton.

Anine Bing silk skirt and Nili Lotan cami outfit


Though March is still a very hot month in my corner of the world, I’m always eager to slip into autumnal tones asap. Combine tans with black, light layers and cream on cream looks.

Everlane tote bag in tan
Inspiring Wit wearing Anine Bing sweatshirt


By April 2020 we were in lockdown, so my style was largely based on improving my mood. I intentionally got dressed everyday, making sure to layer on my jewellery and feel as polished as possible while also being casual to show up to my home desk.

styling tip layer three gold necklaces together


Mostly venturing out for takeaway treats and to visit the supermarket, May was for light weight jackets and comfortable denim.

tomboy cool style with a utility style jacket outfit idea
outfit with strappy heels a suede brown jacket and jeans


In June, temps dropped a little for our Australian winter. Though the Perth temps never really drop low, we mostly get away with a knit jumper or jacket over a t-shirt. At home, though allowed out, I was still doing my makeup each day and making things that were comfortable but made me feel good. Mood boosters include pearl jewellery, a cool heel and high waisted pants to give my jeans a break.


Oddly, July was more spring like than ever, so I made the most of it in minimal dresses, my fave white jeans and slouch pants. Oh and embraced the whole picnic and cottage core vibes whenever I could.

crop top outfit ideas


What is one more little white dress for the collection? I am obsessed! Probably the biggest section in my dress collection would be for the white and off white cotton dresses. I wear them whenever the weather allows. I definitely embraced the beige slouch pants in 2020 and loved creating this tonal leather shorts and knit look for those warmer days.

Sir the label dress and hat outfit
Knit and leather shorts outfit in sage green


I discovered these mens t-shirts years ago but ended up with a few new ones that I loved wearing with my jeans for a casual and cool outfit idea. Also equally at home in jeans and a knit top as a little black dress and boots.

Long wave hair styled by Faye at Her on Oxford, the new salon in Perth on Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle Witty. Also wearing a Uniqlo tee and gold jewellery
Why you will want to add a modernist boucle chair to your home decor


This knit top did me so well as a light layer to wear under blazers or on it’s own. Venturing out to the first event in months, I went to the opening of the Jardan Perth store. It was beautiful! And an excuse to wear my latest animal print slip skirt. I adore slip skirts!

Ballet flats with jeans outfit idea from Everlane with Cafune handbag
outfit I wore to the Jardan Perth showroom opening


Beach sunset walks and a simple dinner by the sea has to be one of the best parts about summer. In 2020 I adopted more tan handbags into my collection to mix up the black ones. I’m obsessed! And clearly, another obsession is the classic and chic black tank top which I wore with everything!

my Shopbop Black Friday edit 2020


By the end of the year I wanted to celebrate at any occasion! After feeling I’d barely seen friends, all I wanted to do was throw on a cool dress! Or three, or four…

white dress outfit by Reformation
New Years eve hair and makeup ideas
heart-shaped sunglasses by Chloe and Realisation Par dress


Resolutions may not actually be the correct term. In truth, I haven’t got any big style plans. I merely want to make sure I WEAR what I have, rotating where I can. Not allowing the pieces I’ve carefully collected to hang without wear. It’s all too easy (at least, for me) to reach for the same few items each day and neglect the others. Of course, some things I wear less to preserve them from general wear and tear. Mostly these are items I deem occasional wear- dresses and silk pieces that I don’t want to ruin or replace.


There are other pieces I favour over others for fit and comfort. However, there are so many other gems I should be reaching for. So, my first style resolution is to rotate what I reach for in my wardrobe more.


I say this every year and for the most part, I’ve stuck to this resolution over the past couple of years. After hosting another clothing garage sale in 2020, I am more mindful of what I buy. Going through again and clearing out my closet thoroughly gave me a chance to audit what I had too many of, what I needed and where I waste money the most. For example, I’d bought very little swimwear for years and noted my older swimwear was getting a little misshapen or the elastic had gone. It was a gap I could clearly see to fill if I wanted to make the most of the summer and swim more! Also, I had tons (tons!) of event or occasional dresses but few everyday dresses that I could wear more casually at home or out and about.

So those are key items I’ve been buying, but not in bulk! Whereas jeans, I had way (way!) too many pairs that I didn’t wear. In 2021 I’m sticking with the pairs I love and wear most.


Sometimes I get pretty strict on my colour palette and I’m always avoiding unnatural fibres. Essentially, a particular palette which works with other items in my wardrobe serves me well. I can comfortably mix and match without thinking about it too much. I talked about finding your colour palette in this YouTube video. That really works for me. I want to stick to my guns and make sure I wear what feels good. Plus I want to continue to keep finding the brands who make efforts to be as sustainable as possible. Those brands I investigate, I end up sharing with you too. So hopefully I can do my part to create some more awareness around consuming fashion in a more considered way.


I’d love to hear from you with some of your own style resolutions for 2021. Perhaps you can share one with us in the comments below. Maybe you are also looking to cut back on spending and consuming fashion. Have you worn everything you bought last year in lockdown yet?

Did you enjoy this look back at some of my outfits from last year? I think this post is one I always like doing, just to see them together, even if it isn’t every look we shot.

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