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6 STEPS TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG POST Inspiring Wit Australian blogger

From one blogger to another, the six step process I take to create a successful blog post.


This one is for my fellow bloggers! To continue some tips on blogging, here is some insight into my process. If you are a blogger looking to up your game this year, this may help with a few tips along the way. Please let me know if it does!

Step one: Know your niche and topic inside out

This step is really about knowing your blog voice. By ‘voice’ I mean that you know who you are writing for and what your readers habits and questions are.

I wrote about How To Start a Blog back here, going into more detail.

If you chose to write about random interests with little cohesion, you are building a hobby, not a professional blog.

It’s fine to branch out of your topics and include something a little different every now and again. It is more effective if this is done with the same voice or overriding theme as your regular topics.

To give an example, I recently wrote about the books I am reading, My Holiday Reading ListThis slotted into my category of lifestyle. As a book lover, I want to expand on the topic throughout 2017. To keep with the style of my blog I included advice from a fashion designer and images featuring my personal style.

6 STEPS TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG POST Inspiring Wit Australian blogger

Step two: Organise to shoot high quality images to accompany blog post

The images you use for your blog posts should really be an extension of your voice. They should engage in the same way and tell a story with the same mood. This also means that they should be consistent.

Organising which shots you need to take, when and where to shoot them and sourcing the items for the shots are all important steps.

While you can rush an image, you will regret it later as sadly, images, once online, stay there.

For a lot of my stories I draw out ‘storyboards’ of what types of shots I need to get. Alternatively I put together a mood board of images to show a photographer, to communicate what I am after.

When shooting clothing, I make sure to try on the outfits, snap a phone pic in the mirror and identify the features and silhouettes of each look. This way I can emphasise them and add extra details if need be to keep the frame interesting.

6 STEPS TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG POST Inspiring Wit Australian blogger

Step three: Draft your post, edit images and upload photos

When penning your posts, it is important to keep SEO in mind, but also to write in an engaging way. I tend to start with the keywords and phrases and build the copy of my post around them.

While I know my English teachers would HATE the way I write this blog, it is necessary to write in a relatable, casual way.

All of my photos I run through Photoshop to make sure the edits are consistent. For more on how much I edit photos, see this post for an example of before and after.

When uploading photos, it is vital to take the time to name the files correctly and enter alternate text and descriptions. This is one of the most uninteresting tasks for any blogger. Honestly I don’t even remotely love this part. However, for SEO, it is important to do, so don’t skip that step!

6 STEPS TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG POST Inspiring Wit Australian blogger

Step four: Schedule

Each post I schedule and make use of a scheduling app to incorporate social media shares. For more on this, read How To Plan Blog Content For The Year.

Step Five: Publish and engage

Throughout the week I schedule time to read and engage with other blogs.

Outside of the blog, I am always engaging with readers on the various social media apps that I use. I find each platform has a slightly different audience, so it is important to keep up with each.

Why is this such an important step? Personally, I like to make sure that I also engage with other bloggers. In doing so we create a digital community.

To clarify, you should not be commenting on other blogs solely to aim for added traffic on your own. A successful blog post is not defined by having a heap of comments underneath it. A majority of your readers do not bother setting up an account to comment with. If genuine comments you leave on another bloggers site provide you traffic, consider that a bonus, particularly if you share a niche audience.

Step Six: Review and re-share

After a post has gone live, I schedule time to go back and review the post, making sure that the links are up to date and that information is still relevant. Then I re-share old content to make sure that the hard work is still being read and helping people in the way that it was intended to.

6 STEPS TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG POST Inspiring Wit Australian blogger

There is no right or wrong way of course, to write a blog. This is just my process.

Essentially, a successful blog post is one that you are proud of, which your readers get something out of. 

If you are thinking of taking your blogging to another level this year, I hope that some of this insight is useful. Let me know if you have any particular blogging question, please drop me a line below.

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