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by jenellewitty@gmail.com

Zoe Karssen Tee, Dr. Denim Jeans, Leopard Heels, Vivienne Westwood Bag, Tom Ford Glasses.

Wandering around with a coffee is a pretty good morning. As a bonafide snob, I like to try single origin coffees and compare- so far I haven’t found one I didn’t like, didn’t love, yes, but that’s different.

If heading out with my man, I naturally dress for comfort- since I am just hanging out, not heading to a fashion show, which means that on a number of occasions I end up with pretty simple outfits to share, such as this one. A classic pair of black jeans, a grey marle tee and a pair of leopard heels is a comfortable look with that stylish twist. I once noticed that all of my shoes were all black, white or leopard. Yep, leopard is a classic, when done right. Personally I favor larger prints over small and I enjoy this faux pony hair textile. (This leads to casual shoe stroking under the table, whatever).

As usual, my lack of a predetermined hairstyle for any given day leads to my playing with and changing it, oh, all the time. It is not uncommon for people to comment that “Jenelle, you’ve changed your hair three times tonight!” What gives? I like the undone, messy naturalness of it all. I’ve admired exactly that on French women and in reality, I am not hugely skilled at styling it into fancy coifs, braids or the like.

I’ll leave that to the enthusiasts and professionals. After all, I am just wandering around being a coffee snob, right?

Shots by Mario Recchia

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