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Inspiring Wit Elliatt Dress Summer

The things that I am loving right now, 22 days into the New Year.

As you may have picked up I was a little unwell this week and I imagine the pressure I have been putting on myself was no doubt a contributing factor to this. With out going into any details, I will just say, it seems I amount myself with added pressure around this time of year and struggle a little to weigh up the achievements with the looming goals. Of course, taking a step back, letting it go and working out how to break it down and take things step by step is the key! I feel lighter already for doing so! So, today, I thought I would share some of the things I am totally loving in my life right now, however small that I am just crazy about!


Our coffee machine! I make a cup and feel glad not to be dishing out $5+ per day on a takeaway coffee. We definitely have our favourite bean and milk brands too, so it feels personal and I can use one of my Keep Cups to take it anywhere around the house (or with me to the other office should I need to!)

Ah, I am clearly a bit taken with Kmart Home right now. I have gotten marble based lamps (returning another pair we had ordered which were practically identical and far more expensive), marble cross things I have organised my perfumes on and a heap of concrete pots for our plants.

Netflix. Well, isn’t everyone? Rita, Suits, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Paradise… being couch ridden to ward off my sickness was a little more interesting this time around.

My vintage pieces. Looking at my wardrobe I feel more and more that most of it is quality essentials, with stand out vintage pieces and an occasional designer piece. Those collected items are stronger tokens of expression.


Catching up on some reading. Actually, setting aside time for reading. I have always been a bookworm, so this fuels my love of stories and words. From biographies, classic novels, business how to guides, wellness books, travel books… Happy days!

The outfit I am wearing pictured here. The flowy long dress (printed even! I rarely do print but get excited over blue and white prints) is a new one from Elliatt, who have been one of my favourites this past year. Excellent quality and fabrication, their collections are feminine, fun and comfortable which tick a lot of boxes for me when I am feeling like I should really leave the jeans and tee uniform be for a day.

I love espadrilles. I thrashed my last pair while travelling- there were certain levels of dust and grime from the road I didn’t want to bring back (though I do have sneakers with a layer of red dirt from the Atlas Mountains)! I completely love these by Soludos, they are the most comfortable I have worn and I am wearing them all the time! SOOOO good!

I found this hat in Paris at a vintage store- where I walked away with Levi cut off shorts and a scarf, but if it had fit would have taken home a navy Burberry blazer too. Oh well. I love this cap. More vintage trips!!

Inspiring Wit Swim_160501_0932 alt
Inspiring Wit Elliatt Dress Summer

Last by not least…

Loving early morning walks in the park and the few cooler days we have had. Oh! Plus the dates we have had at Moonlight Cinema watching the new releases (I rated Brooklyn higher than Carol though! The actor who plays Tony is just so dreamy!)

I am trying out a few new beauty products to share with you, I am SUPER excited to see that the gorgeous people at The Beauty Directory have kindly included us in their directory! This makes me want to work harder to find some interesting products that work and ways to use them. If you have requests, send them my way.

Sharing things with you guys! Honestly, I may overthink my planning and other bits and pieces, but hearing from you guys through your comments, messages and the things you randomly say if we see each other are so encouraging. I learn a lot from all of them and am very thankful for your time and community!


photographed by: MONIQUE CECCATO

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