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We have come to the end of the month long Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Restyle 2014 Challenge! This has been one of my biggest blogging projects to date. I am so thankful for the opportunity and for your joining me. Today I am at home sorting through what to donate back. This entire rack is headed back to Vinnies and will soon be up for grabs! Click on for my tour of the Vinnies Osborne Park Depot, and a little video message…


This very rough cut video as a simple message to thank you for joining me during the Restyle month, to thank the people at Vinnies, the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and to Lotterywest for funding the project. Thank you to the photographers who worked with me and gave their time during Restyle. You guys are rad! I shot this yesterday morning at home (on my tripod), so I am looking very casual- aka with hair pulled up from the shower! If you have never met me in person, this will give you an indication of how much and how fast I speak!





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I was fortunate enough to be guided on a tour of the Vinnies Osborn Park Depot this month, where I was able to go beyond the retail experience and see first hand the hard work that goes into the stores. The depot is the main sorting centre for WA, servicing all of the shops. Full time sorters and volunteers work together to sort through the crates of clothing, boxes of books, bric a brac, toys and more. The fleet of trucks drive out each weekday and collect furniture donations directly from peoples homes (call to arrange them to collect from yours), you may see these trucks on the road. Seasonal clothing is stored until the summer, when the excess winter stock is changed over and stored for the next year. Rooms filled with bed packs and new appliances, pots, pans and more are stored ready to be given out to welfare.

The depot is huge. I was so surprised to see the scale of the donations being sorted and sent out. Anything which is not useful in the stores is packed and shipped off to China, where it is donated. I always wondered what to do with old uniforms- as I knew the op-shops could not sell them, but these are an example of items which get sent overseas. If you have a stack of promotional t-shirts, this is the best place to offload them! (No one needs to keep more than two for pj’s!!!) There are people who sew working to ensure the clothes are perfect for sale, fixing tears, adding buttons etc.

Sometimes on a Monday morning the volunteers will have to spend up to half a day clearing up the donations and rubbish left outside the doors over the weekend. Often the items are weather damaged, or worse, are simply rubbish that people have dumped rather than donated. Each year $200,000 is wasted by Vinnies in tip fees, removing unusable donated items. Soiled mattresses, fridges and unsafe electrical items are some of the biggest issues. Back before Restyle began I posted (here) about the services which Vinnies provide to the community using the revenue generated from the sales in store. These are vital services for those in need and rely on our donations to fuel them.


That is it, until the runway… Restyle is over! I am not posting anything tomorrow, so take a rest day. However, I have some REALLY EXCITING projects and collaborations to share with you in a few days time! Stay tuned to my Instagram account tomorrow as I reveal the first project! Do not forget that we are walking a Restyle show in the TPFF2014 program on the 19th and 21st of September in Forrest Chase. It is a free event so make sure to come and watch!


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