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I like a woman in a suit. Wide-leg pants, high waisted, neutral tones, I like it all. This was one of my most loved #Restyle2014 prompts. It may be why I bought so many neutral pairs of trousers…

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Vinnies Trousers Belmont shop, ($5), Zulu & Zephyr Top, Givenchy Obsedia Bag, L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani Heels

I may have bought four pairs of neutral trousers. Watching too much Ally McBeal on DVD? Maybe, but I don’t spend that much time watching TV so I am still catching up on show series’ I had been interested in. Some of the corporate 90’s looks may have started to creep in… Although, roll up that hem and swap the heels out for a pair of sandals and this look is not that different to the tomboy one Keira Knightly was sporting in the recent flick Begin Again. I think we can all agree I love a neutral look and that little bit of a tomboy element is okay too. All the same, the trouser section of every Vinnies store I went to had great wide-leg neutral trouser options, so I could not help myself. Hey, if the shoe fits…

If you had a great weekend and were not online, that is awesome, but if you missed the ‘gown’ and ‘knit’ looks I posted for Restyle find them here… ‘Gown‘ ‘Knit‘. xx

Photographed by Ryan Ammon

Restyle 2014, TPFF Restyle, Telstra Perth fashion Festival

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