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I am so excited to share these images with you! This location is so cinematic and the dress beautiful. While not quite floor-length, this the ‘maximum’ length I will go.

Maxi-M11Blossom-2 Maxi-M1Maxi-M9Blossom-1Maxi-M10Maxi-M4 Maxi-M12Dress Retro Vinnies Northbridge Shop ($25), Glomesh Purse Vinnies Midland Shop ($8), Guess Heels

I know that this dress is closer to a midi length than a maxi. I will share on day 31 (outfit to donate back) the original maxi 70’s printed dress we shot for today’s post. The thing is, I just don’t really think I look good in a floor length dress. As someone who is certainly not model height (Gisele is a good 30cm taller, but who is counting?!), I feel a little lost in a floor length gown. I own one, which is black, good for summer, but not something I wear all the time. When I considered posting the alternate 70s dress, I knew I would not be happy, so went back to the shops. Of course, the Retro Vinnies Northbridge store was the best place to look as I knew there would be a lot of great options. This dress stood out among a heap of others. It is the perfect oxblood red, and feels as though it could have inspired one or more of the iconic dresses by Lover that I dream of so much.

For someone who says they do not ‘dress up’ much, I can do it, and this is exactly how. Easy ponytail, simple accessories, no jewellery, and an amazing garden/heritage building backdrop. Simple! Hahaha sure. Swap out the heritage building and this is as red carpet ready as I will go. I hope you are enjoying this final week of Restyle as much as I am. The looks this week I have been waiting to share, so I am glad I finally can!

If you did not know already, the official Restyle bloggers are walking in the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival runway, on the 19th and 21st of September. Both runway shows are free and open to the public. I would love to have you all along to support us! I haven’t walked a runway for a while (it was something I did as a child model but I think I have gotten clumsier as I have gotten older!) and am planning not to fall. I have seen some pretty funny YouTube videos of bloggers walking the runway, so am hoping my childhood training kicks in! I still remember the ‘rules of walking’ -as funny as that sounds. Anyway, as my family are not here to attend, I would LOVE for you to come and be my pseudo-family support team!! :)

Photographed By: Mario Recchia

There are only a few more looks to share for this project, find the previous week’s styles below.

22.Classicv2 23.Lacev2 24.Athleticv3 25.Graphicv2 26.Croppedv2 27.Fringev2Website_Banner_Blogger-1_RGB

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