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Restyle 2014

I love mixing textures, and in particular mixing natural fibres like wool and leather. It is safe today I am ‘at home’ in knit for todays #Restyle2014 prompt.

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Vinnies Wool Jumper North Perth Shop ($7), Vinnies Leather Pants Belmont Shop ($6), Ray-Bans, Givenchy Obsedia Bag, L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani Heels

Probably one of the most comfortable and easy looks I wore for Restyle, these leather track pants and wool knit were cheap but excellent quality.

As warm as these pieces have kept me this winter, there are people in our community who really need warm clothing. All of the revenue made in the Vinnies stores goes back to helping those in our community and your donations are hugely important. Throughout Restyle I hope I have shared some looks that inspire you to give your local op-shop a go and find some great pieces. Having witnessed the work that the Vinnies team and volunteers do (find out more about it in my post back here), my appreciation for their work and that of other charity shops has grown.

I remember many years ago when my Mum donated some knitted jumpers to a charity shop. Mum had made them all, so there was obvious sentimental value and I know it was not easy for her to let go. The thing is though, something you have outgrown, no longer wear or need can benefit someone else who does need it so much.

As the season changes, I ask you to look in your closet, in your drawers, and take stock. If you find things that no longer fit, that you have not worn this past winter or even for years, consider if you can let it go and donate it to your local charity shop. Even old uniforms can be sent overseas to those in need. If you find something you do not need, wash it, and pop it into the local charity bin, or hand it over in store. People fall onto hard times, things add up quickly, and your donations are hugely valuable to help people get through, or get back on their feet.

Photographed By: Ryan Ammon


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