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I draw graphic patterns absentmindedly when I scribble. I am drawn to them and have a thing for looking over them. I think this is in retaliation of the fairy-tale fantasy things I found interesting as a kid. I was happy to find this graphic blouse for today’s #Restyle2014 challenge. The monochrome look takes me back many years to my Uni job at Myer…

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Vinnies blouse Osborne Park Depot ($4), Vintage Chanel trousers, Givenchy Obsedia bag, Hermes heels

I certainly know how to find my way into an oversized blouse! In this look I am again in a high waist wide leg trouser (this one, vintage Chanel in such beautiful velvet, was just begging to be brought out for Restyle), one of my preferred trouser styles. I could have worn jeans, but, you know, yawn.

Many years ago I worked at Myer, while I was at Uni. At my interview they told me to wear corporate black and white, but they like to see women in skirts, to show off their legs. I thought this was an odd comment. As I later found my way into a monochrome workplace, I chose to work in electrical, selling computers and I was the only woman in our department. I liked the opportunity to dress in black and white, wear heels and mix it up with a skirt or trousers. I am not sure if showing my legs in a skirt ever did sell more but I did okay. I think given the pallet restrictions it really taught me to look for interesting ways to wear black or white. Mixing sheer and opaque, playing with proportions and textures,  and finding breathable fabrics was a good challenge. The places we go along the way all make up the journey, don’t they? Did you ever find inspiration out of necessity like my monochrome uniforms?

Photographed by: Ryan Ammon

Restyle 2014, TPFF Restyle, Telstra Perth fashion Festival

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