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Jenelle Restyle

When I was young this crazy colorful woman used to come to our house to have her outfits altered by my Mum (a dressmaker who was working from home looking after my brother and I at the time). I remember white fluffy hair and a LOT of loud, sparkling embellished jackets. I think she was some sort of performer, but then again, it was the 80’s. Today I dedicate the #RESTYLE2014 “embellished” post to that lady. I think her name was Lolly. Or maybe she gave me peppermints.



 Vinnies Jacket Morley Shop($5), ASOS Cami, Ksubi Leather Pants, Givenchy Obsedia bag, Isabel Marant Scarlett Boots

My ideas about embellishment very much cross over into the worlds of both costume and glam rock. As my preferred music genre, rock and all of the fun that goes with it is something I do enjoy embracing every now and again. I knew I would find something to suit the ’embellished’ prompt easily, and that I would want to go hell for leather and wear it in a glam rock for everyday style. Some of my musician friends dress balls out glam rock every day (I am looking at you Raids) and I love them for it. While I never devoted much time to learning an instrument, I hugely appreciate those that play. I can best honor them with my clothing. It’s all about being open-minded and having the confidence to pull it off rock the look.

Yesterday was possibly my favourite of the Restyle prompts, find it here.

Photography By: Ryan Ammon

Restyle 2014, TPFF Restyle, Telstra Perth fashion Festival

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