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I’ve never really been one for team sports. I spent years training in Figure Skating, taken a turn at yoga, swimming, dance and have had a personal trainer, but I am not one for the gym or teams. I don’t have the best eyesight, so things flying at me freaks me a little, and I am small, so always felt like people were going to jump up and land on me. Also I am seriously uncoordinated and clumsy. Somehow though I do like a little sporty twist in my daywear. This basketball vest with its stripes but no logos was a cool find for the “athletic” prompt in todays #RESTYLE2014 Challenge.

restyle 2014restyle 2014

restyle 2014restyle 2014

Vinnies Basketball Vest Osborne Park Depot ($5), Vinnies Leather Track Pants Belmont Shop ($6), Converse Leather Sneakers, Katherine Dunmill Bag, Ray-Ban’s, Vintage Blazer

I was being such a dork while we were taking these photos. More so than usual, I was punching the air, moving around like a dancer etc… Suffice to say, I had a few serious shots to choose from upon editing, but most were just so silly. I hope it is because ‘sports’ give you such a buzz, making you happy, and that is what I was channeling here.

I loved the sporty-luxe influences that came through the fashion industry a couple of years ago. While I am not the most athletic, I do appreciate comfort, particularly in my clothing. There is nothing more distracting than a beautiful woman who is swallowed by her outfit. Heels too high, dress too tight, accessories too loud… and so on, it is a recipe for high maintenance, something I don’t have a lot of time for. Introducing a few ‘sportier’ pieces to my wardrobe has been a great way to ensure I am not stuck in my clothing, and can get ready quickly. Learning how to get dressed and ready quickly is such a useful skill. Any woman who loves her fashion, but also has children, can vouch for that. Any boyfriend can tell you how BORING waiting for their partner to change again and again when they are already late (and she hasn’t even gotten to the GHD which beeped ‘ready’ five minutes ago) is.

If comfortable women who are still confident, stylish and elegant is sexy- sporty influences are a quick way to achieve that, no? Cheers Vinnies for these sexy threads! xx

Photographed By: Mario Recchia

Restyle 2014, TPFF Restyle, Telstra Perth fashion Festival

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