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Jenelle FlorenceIt’s time I made a little confession.

This is not a big news day- I will warn you. It’s just, well, I am having trouble… putting my finger on exactly what is ‘the plan’. For the last few weeks I have half heartedly jotted into my note books my ‘goals’ list for the next year, which are supposed to use to help formulate resolutions, right? It’s just, none of the resolutions I feel all that strongly about. I need some thing to sell it to me. Maybe I have created a routine, which involves getting my work done, seeing my friends, eating, staying active, etc, but there is a little spark missing.

At least, that is the best way I can describe it. It would be a total cop-out to say I am feeling summer lethargy ’cause, you know, it’s been super hot lately and I am being lazy. Perhaps the intentional slowing down has left me enjoying that slow life a little more than I had anticipated.

I am not even sure that is it either.

Anyway, I had intended to post my New Year Resolution lists up here last week, or even the week before, I mean, I read all of yours- I think I somehow read every ‘resolution’ blog post out there! I just don’t think it is the right time. I mean, I want to write things for the best reasons- to set and declare intentions and stick to them to ensure I am accountable, driven and focused. Right now, I do feel all of those things, I just don’t feel as strongly about wording them. I can bullet point my drafted goal lists – “keep growing our site, brand and community” etc, but without the backstory on the plan to keep that growing (which is far too involved to share here), I feel it is just shallow to post that and feel impressed with posting it.

Instead, for now I am resolving only to keep working at the things I am doing, the things that make me happy and to take my time. Whatever will be will be. I have lessons to learn, work to get through, stories to share, but I am going to keep doing this at my own pace, the resolution list can come later.

So, I confess, I do not have all of the answers.

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