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Realisation Par polka dot dress and Aloha wedge espadrilles worn by fashion and travel blogger Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit

All of my Realisation Par collection and what size I wear in them. Make the most of the 25% off sale which is on now.

Realisation Par polka dot dress and Aloha wedge espadrilles worn by fashion and travel blogger Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit


You all know I love a silk dress. They are easy, I chuck them on with a sneaker, boot, heel, or sandal, throw on a leather jacket and call it an outfit. No fuss, fun and always eye-catching. Realisation Par is the Australian brand that everyone loves and I am no exception. I also love a silk slip skirt and they have been killing it with their skirts too.

Below, I rounded up all of the Realisation Par pieces in my collection and go over sizing and fit. These were all pieces I’ve bought and I make sure to order when there is a sale going to save $. Right now, (*code has been updated for April 2020 sale) they have a 25% off sale (use code: FLOWERPOWER) which is the biggest discount code I’ve seen them offer.

Realisation Par polka dot dress and Aloha wedge espadrilles worn by fashion and travel blogger Jenelle Witty from Inspiring WitTHE VIOLETTE IN BLACK AND WHITE SPOT

I realized yesterday that I have not really posted a review post on the Violette midi wrap dress. It was one that I bought last year thinking it’d be perfect for a wedding. In the past eight months, I have worn it everywhere! It was the perfect dress for a wedding, a baby shower, going to events and just every day dressed down. Most of the time I’ve paired it with a kitten heel and my Meli Melo bucket bag. It is just elegant and classic for any occasion. Recently, I’ve been wearing it more with my Veja sneakers for every day.


I don’t wear it with a bra usually, it’s not too see-through. But if I feel worried that the wrap style will open up too much (and flash!), I wear a lace deep-v bralette underneath. The only thing is that the wrap style naturally flies open with any gust of wind, so I find myself holding the skirt closed and occasionally holding the v-neck closed. This happens with most wrap dresses unless they have extra fabric to wrap around (none of the Realisation Par dresses have much extra fabric). It means I really should use a crossbody bag or shoulder bag so I have my hands free.

The ruffles across the bust of some other Realisation Par styles help hide that flashing issue in the bust area, so I really notice them missing on this dress. Not that I think this style needs the ruffle, given the midi hem length it’s sleeker without it! It’s usually okay if I am standing but becomes an issue when I sit down. Size-wise I have this one in an XS. I love the classic print and sleeve detail.

Realisation Par the Valentina Cherry dress worn with Ray-Bans and the Cult Gaia bamboo circle bag by fashion blogger Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit


Another dress I’ve forgotten to review! The Valentina in Cherry print is admittedly my least favourite Realisation Par dress. It’d be the first I would sell. I love the print but the dress is pretty see-through so I have to be more mindful of wearing a bra and nude underwear with it. Even then, nude underwear is visible, so I tend not to really wear this style. It’s a shame!

Somehow too, despite ordering it in an XS, one size down from my other Valentina dress it is super roomy in the bust on me. While the Daisy print Valentina dress is my favourite of all, this is my least. Worn here with my Cult Gaia bag and classic Dr. Martens boots.

Realisation par The Ozzie Dress in red pansy on Australian fashion blogger Jenelle Witty from Inspiring WitRealisation par The Ozzie Dress in red pansy on Australian fashion blogger Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit street style with block heels


The Ozzie dress I’ve worn soooo many times! To weddings, to concerts, to fashion week events, on my travels… everywhere. I love this print so much! I reviewed this one over here. The sizing I ordered in a Small, then had it altered. I’ve since learned the XS is a better fit for me, as they fit my waist perfectly, even if the bust is usually too generous (I have mosquito bites!). This one is lined so I don’t wear a bra or have to worry about my underwear showing.

The silk chiffon fabric of the Ozzie is not as nice as the silk crepe in my opinion, but that’s a personal thing. I just like the feel of the crepe a lot more. Worn here with my Furla mini bag.

realisation par Alexandra red dress in star print on Inspiring Wit Australian fashion bloggerrealisation par Alexandra dress in star print on Inspiring Wit Australian fashion blogger and car


The first Realisation Par dress I really loved was the red star print Alexandra. The OG. Actually, I don’t own this one. Pictured here, I’d hired it to try out the sizing and took these photos. I’ve got a review up here. The site I hired it from only went down to a size small so that was what I tried and I thought it fit fine. I’ve since begun ordering in an XS and that is better for me. My bust is tiny, so the small was a bit roomy, though the ruffles tend to be forgiving. Worn here with classic Converse sneakers.

Valentina dress in Daisy print by Realisation Par worn by fashion blogger Jenelle of Inspiring Wit blogValentina dress in Daisy print by Realisation Par worn by fashion blogger Jenelle of Inspiring Wit blog


The daisy Valentina is my absolute favourite. Maybe because it’s so 90s. I don’t know, I just feel so comfortable and so myself in this one that I wear it the most. It was one of my first orders, so I got it in a size Small. The fit is comfortable, though I’ve gone on to order everything in XS after this. Worn here with my Toga Pulla boots.

Realisation Par the Alexandra Dusty blue spot dress worn by Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle WittyRealisation Par the Alexandra dress in dusty blue spot worn by Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle Witty


Another favourite, the Alexandra dusty blue spot dress is so pretty. I wear it all the time. It’s sweet and playful at once. I’ve reviewed it here. Size wise, I have this one in XS.

wild cherry handkerchief worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle Wittywild cherry handkerchief scarf top worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle Witty


Breaking up the dresses, I ordered this Handkerchief probably to make up the $ to get free shipping in a Realisation Par order. I love the print and once I’d gotten the Violette dress in the black and white spot, I decided the scarf was a good way to get the Wild Cherry print. The Teal dress is the Violette with cute short sleeves and I imagine I’d have worn it a ton too. I’ve reviewed the Handkerchief with tips on how to wear it as a top over here.


Today’s blog post wasn’t planned, but I saw so many of you click on the old posts due to the 25% off sale so decided to chuck this together. I’d only just reviewed the Devon dress last week (see it here). My blog is probably overloaded with Realisation Par looks right now but honestly, the demand is there for these posts.

I’ve never worked with Realisation Par. I don’t get commissions on any sales but all of my review blog posts get more traffic than any other posts so here we are. Give the people what they want and all that! But seriously, I love their pieces. That is why I have bought so many or asked for them for my birthday and Christmas presents for the past couple of years.


Officially the most popular skirt all year! The Wild Things skirt I’ve worn a heck of a lot and shared up here a bunch of different ways. The review post is up here which goes into why I wouldn’t buy another Naomi skirt in a different print. Worn in an XS. Worn with my Isabel Marant cowboy ankle boots.


One last dress, I loved the Alexandra style so much I got a black one to make it a little less girly and a bit edgier. Or at least, that’s the way I see it. The Italia Spot dress makes me think of warm summer nights in Europe. I love it with a leather jacket or boot. Since I got this one last spring I’ve worn it a bunch of times and will keep wearing it with black tights and a leather jacket as it gets colder here. Again, I’ve not reviewed this one in a separate post, but wear it in XS without worrying about a bra.

One last note, I dry clean these pieces only. As instructed on the care labels. None have stretched or changed shape. I wouldn’t recommend handwashing.

Enough from me. Back with my regular programming tomorrow and I finally have some beauty posts to share!



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