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Before I fly off again, I thought I would do a check in and let you know what is up!

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Hello! I feel like it has been a while since I wrote much up here, but of course, it hasn’t, it just feels like a million things are happening at once at the moment and time is flicking by fast. Since I am heading off on Saturday night (technically it is Sunday morning but I have to get up in the middle of the night to be at the airport, so I don’t think that counts!), there is still a lot to get done. This will be my first MBFWA, despite the plans to get over for it in previous years, but always having work on that I wasn’t able to leave for a week. I am excited to check out the resort collections and get to meet a heap of people I have gotten to know through social media but am yet to meet in person. Strange world huh?

Anyway, I have still got more outfits for the days to plan or figure out, plus I have no doubts that I will need to eliminate some of the boots I plan to pack! I think I am packing for cold winter and warm weather because I’d hate to be caught out. The bag I ordered better arrive today or it is not coming (which would be seriously frustrating!). There are so many trivial details to get sorted that add up that I did not sleep the other night and instead lay there mentally styling various pieces of my wardrobe with one another.

All the same I can not wait to share the experiences and bring you some of the things to look out for from the fashion world when I return- while I am gone, you can be kept up to date via Instagram @inspiringwit or Snapchat at @jenellewitty.

I have some fun activewear articles, a skincare review and some travel features to tide you over this week up on the blog, so stick around. Finally, I am SUPER excited to announce that I am now with Ministry of Talent, who will be representing me. I had been in talks with a few agencies and am happy to have finally found the right one for me. Check out the other girls and guys on their books here, including fellow Perth additions my girl Emily (who I wish were heading over with me to Sydney!) and the beautiful Michelle.

Honestly, I cannot really believe I am off to travel again when I still have posts to share with you from all across Europe, Morocco and Malaysia to come! I hope that you guys won’t mind them coming through so late and in no particular order. I am hoping that some of you have been inspired to travel this European Summer or make treks to discover parts of Asia in coming months. I have my own plans after this to take a driving trip down South mid Winter (as our Volvo trip was so long ago now!).

That is all from me for now- I have to get back to my accidentally mostly monochromatic wardrobe and see how/ where I can inject some colour!!

xx Jenelle



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