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Prague Part Two

by jenellewitty@gmail.com

As promised, some more of my two weeks in Prague. I will post about the Quadrennial a little later. It is such a wonderful place and we had an amazing time. It went by so fast. There is a lot to see and do in Prague, and in all honesty, we really didn’t get around to the touristy stuff, (we walked across every bridge except the tourist one) instead we shopped for antiques, ate and drank well, took trams and walked all around the cobbled streets. The view from our apartment was beautiful. We drank tea out on the window ledge early in the morning, watching the city creep to life. The art supplies in Prague are actually the best in the world. I got so so so much! I loved reopening the boxes I’d sent home months later and finding pencils, gouache, brushes, papers… Pictured are Gen, Emma and I on our adventures.
I am wearing, Zimmermann, White Suede, various vintage stuff, Staple and Peter Alexander.

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