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Today seemed as fitting as any to share some of my favourite Paris photos. Happy Bastille Day!! 

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Paris photo diary

I love love love Paris, it is easily my favourite city in the world so naturally I try to get over there as often as I can and for as long as I can. Last year I visited twice and naturally have a MASSIVE amount of photos to share with you. Given today is Bastille Day and I have had a tradition of sharing a French post in my blogging career, I thought I should hit publish on this photo diary which had otherwise sat in my drafted file for over six months.

I am rather behind on sharing travel guides and stories with you, so I hope you will not mind so much if I take you through country by country in coming months. First up is Italy and I have been putting together day trip and city guides from all across the country.

This weekend, if you follow along on Instagram, I am headed to another beautiful part of the world- Australia’s South West to stay with friends in the BIGGEST and most stunning house hidden in the bushland. It has been a while since I headed down that way, find some of my South West stories here and here for some stunning Australian winter vacay inspiration.

Today I am not going to be in France, so instead I am trying out some of the Bourjois cosmetics range, which I have been told is Paris’ best kept secret. Really well known in Europe, the brand is not as well known in Australia, so today I am giving it a go. Stay tuned on that and a few more beauty features I have been working on. Pictured above are just a few of my favourite places to wander, eat at or shop from. I will go into more detail on where to eat/ stay/ visit etc at a later date, but in the meantime feel free to ask any questions if you are planning a Parisian trip- I have a LOT of recommendations. What would you like to know about Paris?


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