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Talk about seeing the same thing over and over in my Instagram feed! How to stand out in essential pieces as everyone embraces monochrome.

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We are getting so close to the change in weather and cooler days but off course, the fashion cycles for the cooler change have begun already. As I have flicked through images from the current runways (and checked out what everyone has been wearing to the shows), I am ready for the change! This morning I opened up the current Vogue and gasped at so many of the pages! There are so many amazing lookbooks and collections coming out, which I think are growing in the revolt against the simpler, monochrome we have been wearing over the past year or more.

I am by no means anti-monochrome.

It is only natural to grow sick of seeing the same things over and over, I know my Instagram feed had started to look so same same I couldn’t help but scroll faster. As I personally have a fairly minimal aesthetic and often wear a lot of black, I like to introduce colours, some prints, and textures in a subtle way. Rather than a pop of bright colour, you may choose to throw in a richer hued mustard yellow, oxblood or dusty pink to break things up. You may play up a texture, I know we all love adding the fur pom poms to our bags, but it can even be in the finishing detail of a bag or shoe. Taking these Senso Taffy heels as an example, I found the stingray textured leather a lot more interesting than the smooth leather. Somehow I feel they also ground my feet a little more to balance out the volume of this top.

Another thing I love to do, is team my newer modern pieces back with something vintage, like these cropped trousers. The key with vintage is to shop for quality pieces that are not damaged, that fit correctly (unless you actually commit to getting the item resized) and that you absolutely love. In pairing the pieces with modern items you stay fresh and don’t look dated. Some of the vintage stores I hit up regularly are Claire Inc, I am always eying off items at Vintage Heirloom, and when interstate I visit Shag in Melbourne and in Sydney Grandma Takes A Trip.

wearing: ellery top, vintage chanel crop trousers, senso taffy heels, furla metropolis bag
photographed by: MONIQUE CECCATO


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