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Black1 Black2 Looking back on 2014 it has been an interesting year of changes, collaborations and seemingly endless neutrals.

Black3 Black4 Casual1 Casual2 Casual3 Colour1 Colour2 Monochrome1 Monochrome2 Monochrome3 Neutral1 Neutral2 Print1 Print2 Print3 Stripes1 Stripes2 Stripes3

Style-wise this year I began sharing two-ways to wear posts, participated in the 2014 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Restyle Project and worked with some great brands.

In the next year my focus is set on travelling with a big trip planned (and ideally a couple of smaller ones too). This means I am on a spending ban as I save. I can only purchase items for the home which we need and travel gear. I can still find plenty to post about though, particularly in utilising key pieces across the seasons.

As you can see above, there was a lot of black, neutrals, stripes and a surprising amount of colour and print. Although these are not all of the 2014 outfits (there were 100’s of them), it is fun to note the changes and the reusing of items. It turns out I do have more than 20 pairs of shoes!

Thank you to everyone I have worked with this year thank you to my fellow bloggers for inspiring me and for the laughs throughout the year. Lastly a huge thank you to you for reading and for your support.

Did you love or hate anything I wore this year? Please tell!

Photographs used above taken by: Ryan Ammon, Sita Carolina, Tricia Cheah, Shane Karutz, Jiawa Liu, Emily Suresh, Laura Liy and Mario Recchia.

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