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How to organise you day for success. Ten tips for getting it done, healthy meal plans and all.

Working from home, I find myself constantly needing to keep a schedule. I also need to regularly set alarms to make sure I keep on task and plan quick and satisfying meals. These are my tips for how to organise your day for success, making sure you are energised, well fed and inspired.


Go For A Run

Start the day with a morning run. Get up, lace up those sneakers and just go. You will not regret the peace of being up early, nor the energy it will give you.

Make Time For A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. I make big batches of granola so I always have it on hand. Making time to eat a nutritious breakfast sets me up for the day.

Set Your Intentions

Begin your workday with a to do list for the day. Set your intentions and save yourself time. You will feel more on task, know which projects to tackle first and get through your daily goals quicker.

Quick Check Emails Then Get Onto The Harder Tasks In The Morning

Start with a quick email check, answer any immediate ones, flag any to answer later. Then get into the bigger projects. My mind works a lot better first thing in the morning. If I start the day with the big projects- be those I had been stuck on the day before, or that I need to focus my attention on, I get a lot more done.

Break For A Healthy Lunch

I’ve generally had a pretty nasty habit of working through, not being mindful of the time and forgetting about lunch. Awful, I know. Healthy lunches are so important to stay fuelled and on task for the rest of the day.

For a quick and easy lunch I will generally make a salad, steamed veggies or opt for one of the Weight Watchers frozen meals. Weight Watchers have brought out some new recipes, including a Light menu range which are a perfect portion for lunches. I have tried the Quinoa and Vegetables which makes for a filling, tasty, healthy lunch. The Light Menu meals cost the same or less than a takeaway coffee, so make for good healthy affordable meals for at home or to take to work with you.

Inspiring Wit weight watchers and groceries, making sure to have lunch while working from home


Make sure you drink plenty of water. Each day, I make sure I have a glass and large bottle of filtered water on my desk. This way I make sure to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Ban The Phone At Lunch

Read or write during lunch away from a screen. This is to give your eyes a bit of down time from the screen and to get in some reading or writing. It also means sitting down to eat and enjoy food. If you missed it, read all about why I take the time to write by hand each day here, and read what is on my current reading list here.


Stop to meditate. Even for ten minutes, the act of sitting peacefully, focusing on your breath and nothing else, is like taking a nap to hit refresh.

Go Green At 3pm

If I hit that 3pm slump, I make a cup of green tea, or a green smoothie and flick open something inspiring. Be it a book, old photos, Pinterest, or my Bloglovin’ feed, even for ten minutes, this breaks up the day.

Inspiring Wit weight watchers and groceries, making sure to have lunch while working from home

Finish At A Set Time

If I don’t set a time for the end of my work day, I look up and realise it is almost dinner time. Honestly, unless I have an event to go to, I will just keep working and not even notice it has gotten dark outside. Finishing at a set time means I properly shut off.

Healthy Meal Plans

Easy meal ideas that are healthy and quick are my jam. I can spiralise up a zucchini to make pasta quickly, or I opt for a healthy frozen meal. This is where it pays to have grabbed a few of the Weight Watchers frozen meals during the weekly shop. Having those easy healthy dinners on hand, I know I wont opt to just get take out, or skip a meal.

The Weight Watchers Gourmet range have some new meal options like Moroccan Chicken & Pearl Couscous, which is one of my favourites. They are loaded with veggies and spices that take me back to days in Marrakech. The Weight Watchers Classic menu have some old favourites that are great for healthy dinners. I’ve tried the Beef Cottage Pie which is one of those wholesome, nutritious meals that are convenient and so tasty.

Inspiring Wit weight watchers and groceries, making sure to have lunch while working from home

As you can see, these are all pretty easy steps. They all lead to a successful, productive day for me. I really do have to organise myself or else I get distracted and end up having the day fly by with little ticked off of the to do list.

How do you organise your day? Have any rituals or routines that you care to share? Do you create a healthy meal plan? I’d love to hear if anyone else makes time to meditate or write by hand. Let us know below!



*This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers but all thoughts and opinions including meal suggestions are my own. 

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