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brown knit worn three ways

The colour to get cosy in this Winter is brown. One brown knit three ways.

outfit idea with brown knit and Dr. Marten's
how to style a brown knit

It’s been a while. Hi! Sorry for the lack of blog updates, I’ve been unwell in recent weeks and struggled to get on top of the usual routine. I hope you have been well. If you ever miss the blog updates, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Pinterest where I post most days.

Actually, if you haven’t already, jump on Pinterest to get inspired in a whole new way. Over the last few months, Pinterest has been rolling out Idea Pins, which are bite-sized videos broken up into chapters to tell a story. I’ve been sharing style and beauty tutorial videos which you can easily save to reference later. Some of these include 10 piece capsule wardrobe style videos. A great way to see how I style my key essentials in different ways for multiple occasions. Those looks are super easy to recreate, as I included pieces that you can readily find. I’ll be sharing more all the time, so make sure to follow me on Pinterest.


Heading into these cooler days as we slowly make our way into winter here in Australia, I’ve been drawn to brown tones. I touched on this in my Autumn Lookbook blog and video, you might recognise one of these looks. The knit I am wearing here is one I picked up from Uniqlo on sale in a larger size from the men’s section. It was definitely a good find, Uniqlo has those classic knits in simple colours that are soft and cosy. I’ve been wearing this one a heck of a lot too! Below, I’m sharing three ways to wear, all very casual, all looks I’ve worn on the weekends.

Outfit ideas with brown tones
brown knit jumper and denim skirt outfit
Brown Knit + Denim Mini Skirt + Dr Marten’s

First up, I love pairing a knit with a denim skirt and flats, this time my classic Dr. Marten’s which I am trying to break in now that summer is over. When it came to such a basic pairing, the gold accessories made all the difference to elevate and finish off the look. I also paired the knit with a brown bag, I love pairing brown tones together, even if they aren’t a perfect match.

brown knit with jeans and a pair of Dr. Marten's
brown knit with white tank top
denim outfit with jumper over the shoulders
denim outfit with white tank top
Brown Knit + Denim High Waisted Jeans + Dr Marten’s

Moving on to look two, which is a pretty similar look. Too cold for a skirt? Swap those bare legs for your favourite jeans. Mine are my old faithfuls in a washed light denim that I’ve worn to death. The 90s style high waist is a personal preference but any style in a light wash would do the trick. The Ava tank top is an organic cotton gem from my favourite Anine Bing. I’ve got this one in black too and wear them to death. Tried and tested, they are hands down the best tank tops I’ve ever found. Shop the look below.

brown and cream outfit idea
brown knit sweater and knee high boots outfit
brown knit with cream mini skirt
how to style for autumn
Brown Knit + White Mini Skirt + Cream Knee High Boots

This is a little cheeky of me, since I actually shared this outfit in another post a few weeks ago. I just love this look. It feels more polished thanks to the boots and sunglasses. I’d wanted cream knee high boots for a while and am having fun trying out ways to wear this new pair. What do you think? A mini skirt like this one is a classic, perfect with a knit tucked in. Would you wear this look with the boots? Let me know below.

I hope you aren’t too cold just yet! We had a doozy of a stormy weekend just gone but I am happy this week has been a lot more on the sunny side. Today is the first day of winter in Australia and my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday James! Later on next month I have some very very exciting travels planned somewhere very cold so I am already thinking about my winter wardrobe. Stay tuned as I eventually put a winter lookbook together. If you are reading this from the other side of the world, enjoy your start to summer!!

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