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Kailis Pearls AustraliaTaking time out to live in the moment (trying on pearls is just a fun bonus!).

Kailis Pearls Australia, Natasha Oakley from Bikini A Day Kailis Pearls Australia20151128-kailis-SP-033-249120151128-kailis-SP-035-2503

Kailis Pearls Australia Kailis Pearls Australia

Kailis Pearls Australia Kailis Pearls Australia Kailis Pearls Australia

This weekend I was feeling a little swamped. I have fallen a little behind on my scheduled posts, I have a list of shoots that are in the works, one of which I keep struggling to book studio time for that lines up with my creative team, I have endless stories from our recent travels to finish and share, a Christmas guide that I am super excited to finish and share with you this week and a host of beauty, style and activewear stories. I had wanted to be on top of a lot of these before my parents arrived for their visit (Sunday afternoon) but I didn’t quite get there. Hence, feeling swamped.

When I messaged my girl Ash Saturday morning, I was convinced I couldn’t take time out to get to Fremantle for the Kailis Pearls event ahead of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Swim + Resort runway event. Of course, I love both Kailis and Tash Oakley so I made the time- with a little extra coaxing from Ash. Sometimes, a little sunlight and time away from the desk/ studio does a world of good.

Any excuse to try on some beautiful pearls!

I am currently into my first full week of wearing the DAILIES TOTAL1 Contact Lenses (which I revealed last week here that I was trying this month) and my eyes could not be happier. As you can see on Saturday I left the office, headed for the drive down to Fremantle for the Kailis event and then off to work at my other job- which meant I finished the day up around 1am. This is actually pretty typical for me and I must say how much of a relief it is to get to the end of a long work day and not have irritated dry eyes. I am loving these lenses- I can be out in the sun, up early and to bed late with no issues at all. An even better part is getting up again the next morning early to go for a trapeze class by the beach and not have red eyes! Win!

Follow more of my story with DAILIES TOTAL1with the tag #morecontacttime. If you would like to trial or purchase the DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses head into your nearest optometrist for a fitting. Learn more at www.morecontacttime.com.

*Sponsored post in collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1

photographed by: RYAN AMMON care of THE SOCIAL PAGES and jenelle witty

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