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The round up of mostly hair care, skin care and fashion things I loved last month. But it’s the wedding of the year that I’ll remember most.


Not going to lie, the lines between February and March-so-far lines are feeling a little blurred. And it is only a handful of days into the new month. Keeping up with this tradition, today I am sharing some of my favourites from the past month.

Some are pretty predictable if you have been following me on Instagram ( find me @inspiringwit if you don’t).


This one is a given really. Late last month I was very honoured to be a guest of my beautiful friend Ashleigh D’Mello’s wedding to her man Rohan. I adore them both! It’s been a sad year, to be honest, missing them after they left to start a new life and chapter in Boston. I mean, sad for me, not for them! I miss Ash terribly, she probably doesn’t even know that really. We used to catch up, see each other at events and chat online a lot. Hehe sometimes too much, it was distracting!

Anyway, knowing how busy she was pre-wedding, I’ve eased off messaging her and I miss that. I miss her advice, humour and friendship. I mean, she’s still there, just really really far away. Anyway, my point is that I am so happy for them both and was very lucky to be invited to the wedding.

It was just beautiful, in true Ashleigh style, which you can check out on her Insta– the details were all so stunning. Despite planning the wedding from the other side of the world, she knew what she wanted and found the right people to make it all happen.

We had the best time, it all flew by so quickly in a happy blur! I shed far too many happy tears, particularly during Rohan’s beautiful speech. It will definitely go down as a highlight for this year. Of course, we also went with Kiara and Brad which made it the best weekend!!

February Fashion Faves

Rather than try in vain to pull on my jeans on the hot hot days through February, I simply had to embrace skirts and dresses, which I’d not really been feeling. Not sure why exactly, but none the less, I just wanted to be in shirts and jeans. Rather than go out and buy anything new, I turned to my wardrobe pulling out my old faithful dresses and skirts. It worked and I eventually found myself happy enough pulling on a cute mini dress or skirt and embracing the bare leg days.


On the off chance, I wasn’t in the mood, I’ve been very thankful for some linen wide-leg pants such as the ones I am wearing here. These almost sailor-inspired linen pants are from Boden, who have a huge range of linen pieces. Truthfully I ended up ordering a linen dress and jumpsuit to carry me through till it really cools down. I’ve yet to shoot them but I am smitten and will endeavor to do so to share with you asap.

Organic Cotton

Finally, I have to mention this organic cotton tank top from Australian brand Bassike because I’ve worn it over and over again! It is super long and I can’t bring myself to cut it, so have to deal with the bunching of fabric tucked into any waistband. Having said that, I love it! The fabric is soft, I love the cut and honestly, I hate wearing a bra and with this one, I don’t have to. WIN!  I’ve had a few Bassike organic cotton tees and dresses for years now, as well as some wool tops. Despite my wearing them all to death (many times each per week) they are all in the same excellent condition that I bought them in. So, while they may seem like a splurge, I’ve not had to replace them like I have done many of my other cheaper tops and tees. In terms of cost per wear, they really do wear quite well.

New-season sales

And one last thing, the Shopbop Spring sale is on until the 9th of March, so you still have a window to make the most of it. My picks from the sale and all of the details were in this blog post in case you missed it earlier this week. I am excited to get my order!!!

February Beauty Faves

Hmmmmm, let me think… I barely wore makeup at all again in February, only for a couple of days so I really don’t have any favourites in the makeup department.

However, I do have some in the hair and skin care departments.

Hair Care

I’ve been repeating my ritual since late last year where I use the Ouai scalp scrub, then shampoo (with Aveda or Oribe) and follow up with the Masque Orchidee Deep Conditioning Mask from Lenore Greyl. These are incredible and have been maintaining my hair and scalp health like nothing before it. If the ends are feeling dry I use the mask twice a week but I am trying only to wash my hair twice a week, not more. The results have been less split ends, though I am not picking at them as I used to and my hair has grown back faster. Much faster! Apart from these, I’ve been applying the Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother after washing and spraying a Leave-in-Mist from Verb.

I think the confidence my hair being healthy gives me is not something I can take lightly. Having good hair (and skin for that matter) makes a world of difference.

Skin Care

Speaking of skin health, I have a few things that I’ve used up but loved and will repurchase. The first that comes to mind is a beautiful Brightening Rose Toner from UMA. Since using it late last year up until this week (when I ran out) my skin has been more even, brighter and I’ve had no issues with pigmentation. It seems to have cleared up red patches that I basically had since being a teenager. That pigmentation was the main reason I wore foundation, so I’ve basically worn it only a handful of times since I started using this toner.

That’s a big call, right?! I mean, this product made such a difference! I literally noticed pigmentation issues at about age 15, so I’ve been wearing foundation for over twenty years. Along comes one product and I’m done. I only use foundation now if I want a little more coverage and as a base. But, I don’t actually need it. Thank you UMA! They are stocked on Revolve, Adore and Sephora.

Weleda released a new range recently which I’ve been using and have almost finished too! The Blemished Skin Purifying Gel Cleanser has been great to deeply cleanse without harshly stripping my skin of oils. Along with the Blemished Skin Refining Lotion, my t-zone has been a lot less oily and shiny which I love. It uses Willow Bark – extracted by Weleda itself from a mixture of gently dried willow bark to help clear skin of impurities to minimise breakouts and blemishes. I’ve only had the occasion to try out the Blemished Skin S.O.S Spot Treatment twice but both times I’ve applied it at night only to wake up without the blemishes I had the night before. My usual spot treatment lotion takes a few days and dries up the blemish, but the S.O.S calms my skin without drying. So, I’m happy to report my skin has been pretty happy this summer!

The Rest Of The February Faves

I’ve not really been watching anything in the way of tv, in favour of reading but we did finish Spinning Out, which appealed to me a lot given I grew up as a figure skater! It starts out strong, losing something in the middle and ends a fraction stronger. They have apparently resigned for another season, so I guess time will tell where it goes.

And in terms of reading, I’ve still slowly made my way through Phillip Pullman’s latest The Secret Commonwealth. I didn’t want to rush it, and loved it! Loved!! It is not for children with some graphic violence and attempted gang rape. A huge change that advances the Lyra story immensely but also acts to satire so many current world issues. The wait for the next installment will again be long and painful.

That’s enough from me. Sometime this month I’ll go into Youtube and fitness channels and apps I love, so more on that front soon. If you missed my post on the six lifestyle apps I can’t live without, click over here. What have been some of your February faves? Or this year so far faves? Any category! Please let me know some of them below.

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