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alt 1200w Claremont-Quarter-Monique-20This year I vowed to photograph more fashion bloggers. For this story I get behind the camera with Monique of Little Miss Mon Bon.

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When I wrote out my goal list at the beginning of the year, under the creative category (yes I break my goals up into categories- it makes it easier to follow them!) I had jotted down “Shoot other bloggers” I had intended to spend more time behind the lens and increase my photographic skills.

For every shoot that I am on I gain a better understanding of using natural light, of framing, of giving and understanding direction, of how to get someone to relax in front of the camera and so on. Ultimately I feel like the shoots are a good excuse for me to create better content here in the long run, and since we have beautiful camera equipment, it does seem a shame for me not to use it as often as I can.

Last week I offered to help Monique shoot content for The Claremont Quarter and some other style and beauty stories. You can see the rest of the shoot (and outfit details) on her blog Little Miss Mon Bon.

While we travel I am hoping to meet a few more style bloggers along the way, and shoot some stories with them, so if you know of any fashion bloggers in Paris, Milan or Lisbon, be sure to comment with links to their sites below!

monique is wearing looks from the claremont quarter, full details on her site here
photographed by: jenelle witty


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