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The things that I am loving right now, as we reach the middle of the year- can you believe it!?!

I can not believe how fast this year is going. Last year I was focused on our Europe travels for such a long time that it seemed to drag out before we got there then speed by once we were away. Of course, as you will realise I am pretty behind on sharing these travels and sorta half edited for a huge file of images and drafter stories. I will get there! Onto the list of things I am sort of obsessed with at the moment…


Working for myself and taking on freelance gigs– be they as a writer or photographer/ content creator for another business, getting more work in this area in the past six months has meant that I can step away from working so much at my part time job, (which earlier in the year was full-time) and concentrate more on work that I enjoy. It’s been a long time coming and working for years with little to show for it, but I am happy to be in this position now and to have that grow.

Colour– I seem to be feeling more an more switched on again by colour, rather than find it overwhelming as I have done in the past when getting dressed. It’s not that I didn’t love it on others, it is just for a while there I felt I had accumulated too much and actually felt ashamed of the amount of ‘stuff’ I had in my life from clothes to books and so on. Donating most of this away, I felt calmer living minimally, with what was a capsule wardrobe and fewer possessions. Of course I have no desire to go accumulating an endless stream of ‘stuff’ but if you notice my wearing a little more colour, don’t be too surprised. Prints though, I am seriously fussy about.

The Stila Palette I HAD to buy as I walked past Mecca the other day. I am friggen in love with this set. It is the perfect bronze and blush tones with just a touch of rose gold. Actually there was another palette with more of that shimmery rose gold that was also hard to walk away from. These are so good!! Also, this Marc Jacobs Pear scent. It is addictive and the bottle is so pretty!!

Eating paleo bowls and salads. Okay, this isn’t a new love but actually making the effort to make my own green nourishing bowls and salads breaks up my day and ensures that I have lunch and eat healthily. Experimenting with different salads is fun too. Soups should also be included in this list really. Vegetables. Let’s summarise and say, I love vegetables.

Getting ready to move! Yay! We are moving house next week and I am pretty darn excited. I mean, our new apartment is super tiny, but it is brand new and ticked off the boxes I wanted. The cottage we have been in has been really cute, but it is dark and cold and there is a fair amount of wasted space- so although we are going into something smaller, it is really only doing away with the space we weren’t using. Plus, as it is on the top level, we don’t have to worry about a garden or mowing the lawn we never used. I think we will put out some herbs in pots on one of the balconies, since I would otherwise miss having our fresh herb garden! I will be able to shoot a lot more in this house too, as it is far brighter, so I can actually tackle my plans to produce Youtube videos for our channel.

I am loving this COMME des GARÇONS striped tee that I picked up in Bondi from Tuchzy (which is one of my favourite Australian stores- their curation is exactly what I am after!). I love striped tees, so would ultimately love to grab one of the same in the mustard stripe or the lavender or the red (but one at a time!).

Other new ‘fashion’ items I have picked up lately that you may notice me wear a lot have been, this Alila bandana print leather bag (which is on sale!) that I had been eyeing off for months. Unfortunately it arrived after fashion week, so I couldn’t bring it along as I had hoped to but I am completely in love with the quality and love this bag, so you may see it a LOT! Sorry!

While in Sydney I had breakfast with the beautiful team from Bollare, who kindly gifted me an insane bunch of items from brands that they work with, including a few pairs of sunglasses that I have been rotating non stop. These red Spektre ones included. There is something about a reflective bold coloured lens that I just love, it lifts an outfit and makes it more fun and playful. Plus I am obsessed with these new Ray-Bans I’d borrowed during fashion week, so I will NEED to snap up a pair of my own soon.

What else? I seem to have increased my espadrille collection with a suede pair from Manebi, who were new to me, but I have basically worn these every day for two weeks now, so I can honestly say that I am in love with them.

Last by not least…

Getting back into gymnastics at Movement Co. I hadn’t been for ages with all of my coming and going, but yesterday’s class was awesome. I am super sore today! Bring on more tomorrow! I think I say this every time, but on the subject of getting active, I have some new Lululemon gear which is always my favourite thing! This jacket that came last week is so so cool! The Lulu technology is second to none. I need my gear to work hard for me so I can perform at the best- or else there really is no point.

That is enough from me, I had meant to pack some boxes today and have just realised the time, so I better hop to it.

Let me know what you guys are loving! I want to hear all about your finds. Take care. xx Jenelle



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