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Mecca cosmetica is celebrating 20 years and I have some of my all-time favourite Mecca products to share with you all. Get ready for a skincare and cosmetics product haul/ best of journal!


You all know by now that I am a beauty lover. If you didn’t know, you must not be following on Instagram @inspiringwit where I tend to share outfit>desk mess of beauty products>outfit>bathroom bench mess>outift… etc on repeat!

Jokes aside, I realised that I had been quietly using these incredible products from Mecca Cosmetica and should share them. Over the past five weeks or so, I have been trying some of the best sellers. In addition, below are some of my favourite skin and cosmetics products that I picked up at Mecca over the years. The ones I didn’t like are at the bottom of the post too! You can’t win them all.


Eve Lom – Cleanser

This may just have taken over as my favourite cleanser of all time. I think it must be the Clove Oil scent, but I have used more than half of this tub already. Clove oil acts to encourage clear skin and take out redness, eucalyptus oil works to drain away toxins, hops oil tones, Egyptian chamomile softens and soothes and cocoa butter conditions.

By Terry – Face Cream

Every By Terry product I have used has been beautiful. I love the rose scents and rich hydration. Enriched with rose butter to regenerate, essential flower rose to nourish, black rose extract to support the skins natural moisture barrier, pastel rose extract to calm irritation and rose hip oil to repair. It is so nourishing, I am trying to use it sparingly so I don’t run out.

bareMinerals – Mix. Exfoliate. Smooth

Something I probably have mentioned before is that I LOVE using facial scrubs. Maybe because I tend to have an oily forehead, I try to make sure to scrub my face every second day to clear as much out of the pores as possible. Though I love BareMinerals lipsticks, this is the first skincare product I have tried in their line. You mix the dry scrub mix with your cleanser or with yoghurt or water. It is beautiful.


Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Palette & Brow Pencil

I think you can tell from these photos that this one takes a beating. Light and not too overpowering, this has long been one of my favourite illuminating options. The colour tones are flattering, perfect for a light sheen but not too strong. The second product I love from Hourglass is the brow pencil. I have used up SO many! It is the first thing I tend to need to replace.

By Terry – Stylo Blackstar

A three in one eyeshadow stick and pencil that is water-proof but blendable. I have it in smokey black. While it is creamy and velvety, it also doesn’t budge easily, so my mistakes have to be covered and blended over! This is where I make sure to have cue-tips on hand to correct my mistakes! (How cool are black ones? I bought them at Mecca Maxima a while ago, I assume they would still sell them!).


NARS – My whole collection

As with everyone else, I am a fan of Nars. Are you surprised? By now, I assume not. The Laguna Orgasm Duo, lip glosses, the Multiple makeup stick, Sheer Glow Foundation and Pressed Powder are all in my makeup kit and I love them.

Chantecaille Matte Chic

This is one of those game-changer matte lip products that makes me really reconsider some of the other super drying matte lipsticks I am used to (sorry MAC!). It glides on smoothly, doesn’t finish in a sticky way or dry my lips out. Formulated with a powerful peptide to stimulate synthesis of hyaluronic acid and production of collagen for smooth, supple and plump lips. I have it in Jerry, which is not too statement and good for that low-key makeup look I love.


Diptyque Candles

There are a few of these candles dotted around our house. I love them! It’s like having a little bit of Paris at home.

Byredo – Gypsy Water Fragrance

Everyone’s favourite fragrance! One of mine too. I think this one I used every day for a good six months after I got it. The hype is real though, this isn’t a fragrance like many others.

Mecca Cosmetica Products

Mecca’s own branded Soft focus Primer is the other product I run out of the quickest. Right now, for example, it is once again on my re-purchase list. This one is THE best to help keep my foundation in place while keeping it a little matte yet dewy. I have a bunch of the Mecca branded products, they are all super clever and well thought out. I pack the face sunscreen with me when I travel and their illuminiser is one of the best I have tried.


RMS – Lip2Cheek & Magic Luminizer

The Lip2Cheek pot was on my wishlist for ages. I had read so much about it. The colour can be strong, but it is blendable, so you can make it subtle too. A little bit goes a LONG way, so unless I lose it, this is going to be with me a while. I have it in Beloved.

The Magic Luminizer frosted glass tub has the most beautiful creamy iridescent balm. Light reflecting, made up of coconut oil it is hydrating and perfect for a dewy shimmer.

LA MER – Everything I have tried

My love for La Mer is going to require a blog post of its own. I mentioned them back in my Winter Beauty Edit, but I have just begun using The Soft Fluid Wear Foundation and Sheer Pressed Powder. Honestly, I haven’t ever found a foundation that works so well on me. IN LOVE! More on this soon.


After 20 years, Mecca has just announced that they have added Mac to their curation. While I am not a huge fan of their foundations (I used to use the Studio FX Fluid but it made me think of an airport tarmac each time I smelt it, so I stopped using it), I love their lipsticks. Ruby Woo, So Chaud, Diva, Doe, All Fired Up, Shy Girl, Morange, Feels So Grand… I use them all, with a lip primer underneath.


The Products I didn’t love

There are things I wouldn’t buy again, these have included the Smashbox range, which over time I haven’t liked using as much. My initial impressions were good, but I find overall the products don’t stack up, particularly the colour stick and BB Cream. The Stila One Step Colour correct works okay for me on red areas but it stings when I apply it and slides on my skin a lot. I have a heap of the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes but I am not likely to rebuy them again, I think there are better options on the market. Finally, the ghd curl wand. It does the job but I have a better curl stick wand from Muk that creates a faster, longer lasting, better curl on my thick heavy hair.


That is it! Well, that isn’t entirely true. My bathroom is bursting with products, as you can imagine but this covers the key ones. I should point out that this isn’t a sponsored post with Mecca. I bought a lot of these products, but some were also kindly sent to me to try.

A few years ago, I had moved states with a small bag of my most trusted products. When I wanted to expand on my beauty collection, friends of mine told me to go into Mecca and get help from the people there with what to try. Their help at each store was so so good that I have stayed loyal. The range is amazing, but the passion that everyone I have ever spoken to in a Mecca store is the thing that really makes it for me. It is easy to see why the business has grown so much in 20 years.

While I do work on both sponsored and unsponsored content here on Inspiring Wit, I will only ever genuinely share with you something that I think is worthy of your investment.


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