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Jenelle of travel blog Inspiring Wit at the new Amaroo Spa Retreat outside of Perth wearing Jac and Jack knitwearWhere to find loungewear for inside days. A comprehensive edit for comfort and style plus options for all budgets.

I didn’t think this one would be so highly requested but ‘where to find loungewear to wear at home’ sure has been. Even chatting to Mario on his last day at the office, his colleagues were exclaiming they had office clothes, workout gear and little else. They were worried they would run out of clothes to wear. With more of us at home for the foreseeable future in self-isolation or lockdown, here are some ideas of where to order cosy at-home loungewear.

Just because you are wearing comfortable clothing, there is no real need to abandon all style either. Now more than ever, streetwear and activewear have blended with fashion to create loungewear that brings sophistication to the world of women’s basics. It’s never been cooler to wear a designer sweater with your boots and jeans out for a coffee (when we can get back to the norm) and swap into leggings or loose pants and sneakers when you get home.

Sidenote: I’ve included some loungewear outfit images here from my old posts for inspiration. Some of these looks I am clearly wearing outside, so you can see how wearable they are later when things go back to normal. If you are new to Inspiring Wit, I am all about sharing fashion ideas that are re-wearble and making considered decisions on what you bring into your closets. In this time of uncertainty, I am doubling down to share useful content and trying to provide some inspiration and positivity. If you are new here, welcome! Thank you for joining me!

Jac + Jack camel knit worn with Salar Milano bag, espadrilles and black slip dress by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle


Now, I am going to make a few points to consider before you order. First of all, as with any shopping purchase, particularly one due to necessity that you may seldom wear again, set some boundaries.

  • Set a budget.
  • Work out how many items you might need, don’t go overboard.
  • Think about if you plan to wear the pieces a lot for a couple of months then never again. In doing so, this may help inform the amount you need and your budget. You might plan to buy one high-quality staple item that you will keep for many years, and cheaper items you will wear for a year or so. Or you might want something trendy that you wear for a few months, don’t spend too much on those. For example, right now tie-dye is very on-trend, with lots of styles available. Just remember these are trend pieces that you might love now, but not later. I’ve included some tie-dye in my edits below because it is cool, cheerful and happy, with connotations of peace. We all need that right now! But you might just find yourself living in tie-dye while we live through these confusing and difficult times with the Coronaviris and never want to wear them again when we come out the other side. And let’s face it, we are all wanting to say goodbye to COVID-19 asap.
  • Check all website information about shipping delays, and practices, just in case. (Those items suggested below all come from Shopbop who I use regularly and trust. I’ve stuck to one retailer but can create more edits with multiple if you would like me to do that too, please comment below).


Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit in knitwear


Sort out your at-home style making sure you are comfortable because unfortunately, we aren’t sure what is going to happen day-to-day. One of my first ports of call when shopping is Shopbop, essentially because they have everything, across various price points. This edit of At-Home Style is a good place to start. The edit includes loungewear, pajamas, activewear, socks and more. Of course, don’t abandon wearing comfortable pieces like dresses, jumpsuits or skirts.

Personally, I love to wear natural fibers, so at home, I really embrace linen, cotton, wool, cashmere, etc. That being said, my leggings which I end up wearing a lot of the time are made from synthetic fibers. I also love to opt for things that are a looser fit, oversized in design or sizing up. Since I’ve been working for home for years now (read my tips on how to stay productive working from home here) I still prefer to get dressed, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It helps me work from home without getting too comfortable and ending up lazing in bed or on the couch without getting enough work done.

Anine Bing Cities sweater with silk midi slip skirt and boots casual outfit idea worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle Witty


  • Jogger pants or sweatpants (let’s face it, you are going to want to wear some at some stage)
  • Shorts (don’t forget the weather may warm up so a relaxed fit short is handy)
  • Loose fit jeans or casual pants
  • Comfortable classic t-shirts
  • Sweaters, knit jumpers and cardigans
  • Linen or cotton shirts
  • Socks (wool, cotton) and comfortable underwear
  • Sandals (I live in my Birkenstocks because they have arch support)
  • Minimal sneakers
  • Activewear
  • Midi skirts
  • Shirt dresses, t-shirt dresses
  • Jumpsuits (there are some brilliant utility-style jumpsuits that tick chic and cool boxes whilst being comfy)
  • Flat shoes (Having worked from home for years, I can attest that wearing shoes makes me more focused)

loungewear for inside days outfit inspiration and shopping edit

fleece jacket from Uniqlo teddy jacket with track pants for Autumn Winter outfit ideas worn by Inspiring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle


All the edits below are categorized into clothing type and some by colour or trend. The items range in price points from luxe to less.


















winter relaxed casual outfit idea. ULD Uniqlo puffer coat and jogger pants worn by Inspring Wit fashion blogger Jenelle Wittyloungewear for inside days outfit inspiration and shopping edit Inspiring Wit blogger

As I said above, these are uncertain times, but I want to continue to provide value, be an inspiring escape from the grim news and keep our spirits high. I appreciate your every visit to Inspiring Wit and your ongoing support. Please let me know below how you are going and if you have any content requests or story ideas you would like me to explore.

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