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high waist jeans and white sneakers outfit idea

What I am wearing between the seasons to ward off chill. Lightweight knits and how to style them.

Cashmere knit in pink from Boden
pastel knitwear and 90s style jeans for spring


Not going to lie, the idea of putting on a knit right at this moment isn’t welcome here. As I type it is a toasty 38 degrees (100 Fahrenheit). Still, that hasn’t stopped me from stocking up on a couple of new lightweight knits to wear between the seasons. Truthfully I am so in love with knitwear in general that I shop it year-round, even in the peak of summer. Then I try to wear it as much as I can get away with on cold mornings! Though at this stage it is still barely crisp.

If it is a little less on the hot side where you are, chances are you are thinking about those light layers and knits to keep you feeling cosy and chic too. Because knitwear can be so SO chic! In putting this post together, I stalked a bunch of my most trusted online stores to find super dreamy knitwear to share with you. See the full edit below. One or two of those pieces will stay on my mind, I am sure.


This ultra-soft and pretty knit is from Boden, who I’ve collected a few knitwear pieces from over the years. A blog post I shared back when I first tried them included a knit that still gets a lot of wear from me, years later. And, it is worth noting that it is still in excellent condition too! Also worth noting, how different my photo edits looked in 2016! I was enjoying playing around with different editing techniques, these days I keep them pretty simple. Let me know below if you’ve been following my blog since back then!

Back to this knit. I’ve been so happy with the Boden cashmere, it is always soft, thin and durable too. I’ve not had any issues with them going miss-shapen. I tend to hand wash, but as always it is best to follow the care instructions. My other tip is just to fold these, rather than hang them. I’ve hung them in the past on flocked felt hangers and they were fine, but I feel more comfortable folding them to avoid the shape changing.

Why a soft knit is everything in spring or autumn
What to wear in autumn or spring on a cool casual day


The beauty about lightweight knitwear is that you can almost treat it like a top. I sometimes wear a silk singlet top under them incase I get too warm, but at times I skip it and just wear the knit as a top. Here I have styled this cashmere knit with my go-to high waisted 90s style jeans and Veja white sneakers. I wore this out one Saturday morning running errands before it got too warm. I loooove this simple smooth leather bag I picked up from Boden too. It’s a classic tan that goes with everything and fits a ton of things inside. Oh and I just saw that it is currently on sale too. Making it a good very buy if you are looking for a bag that will go with everything and last you for years and years!

I recently did a bit of a wardrobe clear-out and ended up gifting my Boden tan bucket bag to my Mum for Christmas. I have a lot of bags already so it wasn’t getting enough wears from me. After Christmas, I was so happy to see her use it every day. It literally went with everything. So I know this is a great day bag which suits everyone. My Mum and I have different colour palettes and styles so it was cool to see it work for her too.

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Boden tan satchel bag in leather
pretty in pink with a light pastel knit jumper
Light knitwear for in between the seasons
How to pair denim and sneakers with knitwear


Below are some lightweight knitwear ideas that caught my eye from my favourite online stores. These would be perfect styled with your favourite jeans, trousers or skirts. Dress them down with sneakers or a Dad style sandal or dress them up with a long boot or heel.





I hope this post is helpful for anyone needing to ward off the chill at the moment. I’m about ready to refill my water glass with ice! It’s melting far too quickly!

Created as a collaboration with Boden. As always all styling and opinions my own. 

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