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The six apps I swear by including the Shopbop app

Sharing the six apps I use most. The lifestyle apps that keep my life held together.

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Oh hey, how are you?! It’s been a little quiet up here this month, I think I had a longer to-do list than most other months. That and I was so under excited about summer fashion. How many times do I post about my vintage Levi’s shorts?! I mean, really, that is my summer uniform, aside from the black silk slip dress I wear every other day. And I’ve definitely shared that look enough. While it’s still hot, summer officially comes to an end soon. I can not wait to launch into autumn threads, layers and tones. Though, my palette is essentially year-round- I don’t dress seasonally unless it’s super hot or cold.

This lengthy intro is a bit of an apology for my lack of posts and a segue into the topic I planned to share three weeks ago. We got there in the end. Without further ado, let’s talk apps. You might have seen (but in case you didn’t) my post about the six apps to help keep your New Year resolutions back here. Let’s continue this thread, starting with a few shopping-related apps.


I use the Shopbop app all the time, it’s such a good way to navigate, save favourites and see what is new. This definitely gives away how much Shopbop is my go-to store of choice. So, yes, this is a shopping app, I’m not sure why I decided to start here but it might just be an example of how much time I spend on it. Why?

First of all, you can get 15% off the first order placed on the Shopbop App here with code “App15”. You are welcome!

Five days a week they upload new items, which I love to scroll through to get ideas for upcoming looks and to suss out any themes or trends that I can share with you all. For the most part, I’m not so trend-driven myself, but I am not immune to an update here and there, just to keep my everyday wardrobe feeling fresh. And Shopbop stock my favourite global brands and then some.

I have my profile logged in so I can save items into my ‘hearts’ aka favourites or my ‘wish list’. Then I can keep an eye on them and I get notifications if they are low in stock. Believe it or not it 98% of the time takes me about four weeks to commit to a purchase or longer. Sometimes a LOT longer. The beautiful cami top I have on in this look was in my hearts for about six months.


Essentially, if I have it saved in the app, I can take my phone into my wardrobe and literally hold a picture of the item up and see if it will fit in my wardrobe. My rule of thumb is that each new piece has to already coordinate with at least three outfit ideas before I commit to ordering. I don’t want to purchase something that will lead to even more purchases before I can wear it. That is wasteful.

You can search the app by designer, by category and then even sub-category (as in Shoes > slingbacks > Medium Heel (2″- 3″), etc) or by featured collections such as a featured designer or theme like ‘Best-Dressed Guest”. It all makes it so easy. A little too easy, since I am on there so often.

Now I just wish Mecca Cosmetica would create an app for all of my beauty shopping.

Nili Lotan print cami topLifestyle apps you need to download now


Alright, I have already dedicated an entire post explaining what LIKEtoKNOW.it is and why you should have it downloaded on your phone. See that full post up here. Think of it as an Instagram, but for shopping.

Essentially it’s a shopping app that was created to give people the opportunity to shop the exact same products that their favourite content creators are wearing. So, rather than having to search the internet to find each item, you can shop it using the link that the content creator has provided. It’s the best way to suss out the exact item, or something similar at a different price point and shop it directly. You can also save items and get notifications when they go on sale. Read more about it and how to use it on my full blog post here. You can find my profile under ‘inspiringwit’ to follow me on the app.


Rounding out the shopping-related apps, I use Carousell to sell my unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can find my profile under @inspiringwit, read reviews from people who have shopped my pieces and ask me questions about any item. Though, at the moment I haven’t got many pieces listed, just an FYI.

I have sold almost 100 items both locally and interstate. You can opt to meet up and exchange an item or I can organise to post it out. People sell all sorts of items, not just clothing, it is free to list items and to download. This has been such a great way for me to clear out my closet of unwanted and mostly never worn items. Read more about how I reduced my wardrobe by half in one weekend here. I would much rather the unwanted items go to people who would love them before I donate them to goodwill or leave them collecting dust in my wardrobe. If you are keen to do a clearout, I highly recommend using Carousell. It’s easy to set up an account, to use and to communicate with buyers.

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Obviously, as a content creator and daily Instagram publisher, I like to roughly plan out my posts. I’ve tried a few apps for this and the one I prefer at the moment is UNUM. Though, to be fair, I tend to also use the draft function on Instagram too. I just use the free version, but you can unlock more functions within the app by joining up to the Elite package.

The only aspect I use is the grid planner, but you can also schedule reminders to post, use their analytics and more. Since I have an Instagram creator account, I already get analytics, so I don’t find these as helpful, but if you aren’t a creator, they are a great way for you to keep track of what types of posts do well and allow you insights into your Instagram community. A similar app I’ve tried was also Planoly but I didn’t seem to like it as much.


Before I continue with my personal favourite apps, I thought I’d share some that I don’t have on my phone but I guess in a roundabout way I use via Mario’s phone.

IMDB – I should honestly just download the app for the number of times that I open up a google IMDB page. IMDB is the info spot to see anything to do with film and tv, see what is in production or just keep up with old content. Since I studied film in my first Uni degree (way back in the early 2000’s!) I’ve been using IMDB (Internet Movie Database). It’s not vital, but as a film lover – though these days I mostly enjoy European cinema, it’s always been useful for stats and info.

JUST WATCH – Another that I should just download rather than open a google page is Just Watch. It’s a webpage or app which lists up to date info on things showing on streaming services. Much easier than spending ages scrolling to find something to watch, you can look at what has been recently added and narrow the search to whichever streaming platforms you are subscribed to. It also allows you to search for specific films, documentaries or shows and see which platform (if any) you can watch them on. You can search by actor too, if you say really want to watch an Audrey Hepburn film.

SPENDEE – An app to help you track your spending, it can be linked to bank accounts or you can manually enter your cash flow and create simple charts. It’s good if you have one account and need to suss out where you are spending and where you could cut back. Of course, monthly subscriptions and the like can add up but be forgettable, so it easily allows you to see the overall picture and make saving adjustments. Similarly, PocketBook does the same sort of thing but is more useful if you are trying to track multiple accounts.

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Back to my favourites! I am a total Pinterest addict, so this one is an obvious favourite. I pin almost everyday, sharing my own images as well as all those inspirational images for home decor, food, fashion and more. You all better hop over and follow me on Pinterest!! :) It is honestly the best way to store and sort out reference images, links to webpages and more. I can’t get enough. The app is easy to use, so I can end up down that Pinterest rabbit hole on either my phone or my desktop (or both) if I choose!


I know this is predictable. But Instagram is my most used app. Yes, it is not without its flaws, there certainly are things about it that I really dislike. However, over the years it has introduced me to people, given me a platform and opportunities I would otherwise never have had and given me a community that I love. So, overall, it had to be last but not least on this top six list. Oh, and if you aren’t following me on Insta already, please do and let me know, I’d love to welcome you to my community!!



Of course, these are just some of the apps I use most. I’d love to hear if you have any apps to recommend, please leave a comment with those too. There are so many apps and lifestyle apps out there it can be hard to navigate. Hit me up with your lifesavers below! Thank you in advance.

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