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Staple the Label linen

Life lately as we have headed into summer and the end of 2017.

Staple the label wrap skirt worn by Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle in new blog post on life lately


Somehow we are already in December, with Christmas less than two weeks away. To say that the last half of this year has taken me by surprise in many ways is quite an understatement. While I shared recently the emotional side of my personal life over these months, today I thought I would share some of the other things.

As we have headed into summer, there have been more and more events, celebrations and in my case, garden visits than usual. I say garden visits because I am a complete nut when it comes to gardens. Spring is my favourite and I like to make the most of the opportunities to visit as many public gardens in reach!

Gardens! Spring is my time to celebrate, so I make the most of the blooms where I can. On our recent trip back to my hometown of Adelaide I insisted on visiting the Botanical Gardens, pictured here. Green, lush, dense and beautiful, the gardens are one of the best places to unwind in Adelaide. The jasmine arch in bloom blew me away and made up for having missed the wisteria this time.

Above I have on the blue wrap skirt from Staple the Label and it is easily one of my favourite summer wardrobe additions. The ruffle and stripes are subtle but so pretty. It feels feminine but not too girly, which I love. When I shared that look on Instagram everyone asked about the leather jacket and I am sorry to say that it isn’t mine, but my friend Irene’s, who I was returning it to and decided to wear in the photos! It was a Zara leather jacket purchase she made a few years ago. Though I don’t generally shop from Zara, the quality of this jacket was really impressive.

In my experience, most Zara purchases I have made fall apart quickly, so I tend not to shop there. However, Irene also swore by their jeans, thanks to the cuts, which can be more flattering for anyone with athletic legs (aka a bit more thigh!). Worth noting!

Pictured here I am wearing a white linen top and pants from Staple the Label, which I am loving (though you may notice is a few sizes too big on me. Looking at these photos I realise I will have to have them taken in!). Linen is one thing I am wearing a lot of at the moment, which I mentioned back here with these four looks.

Panna Cotta breakfasts! It’s probably naughty I know, but lately I have tried a few panna cotta dishes as a breakfast option and I loved it. I know I am mostly drawn to the pretty plating with flowers and a side of granola because I am visual that way, but they are actually super tasty too!

Below, we visited Crack Kitchen while in Adelaide, a place I had on my must check out list for a while. Adelaide has such amazing food, excellent small cafes and bars. Each time I go home I have a really long list of places to check out, Crack lived up to the hype. (I got snap happy, you will soon see!).

See what I mean about the panna cotta?! So pretty! But equally tasty.

I thought it was worth mentioning, that though I don’t often share a lot of food-related posts up here on Inspiring Wit, I regularly share my picks on our Facebook page. If you want to follow along there, I try to not only share the links to the new blog posts but keep some unique content on there too. It’s a bit of a mini blog of its own. Photos from events we go to (launches etc), food spots and other random things all end up there. The posts are different to our Instagram too, so you don’t just end up seeing the same thing on your Instagram and Facebook feed. This is basically because I know some people use Facebook more than they do Instagram, or Pinterest etc.

Paolo Sebastian at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The other thing I insisted we do while back in Adelaide (okay, you got me, one of the other things I insisted we do…) was to visit this incredible exhibition of the amazing couture work of Adelaide atelier Paolo Sebastian. Keep scrolling and prepare to be in awe.

Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress
Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress
Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress swan detail beading
Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress detail beading
Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress

Honestly, Paul Vasileff, the designer behind Paolo Sebastian’s work speaks for itself and tends to leave me speechless. Back when I still lived in Adelaide or could make it over for the Adelaide Fashion Festival, I shared his runway presentations, including this one here.

Any excuse to visit the Art Gallery of South Australia is a good one, as it houses a beautiful permanent and rotating collection in one of Australia’s most stunning buildings. I love to wander through and visit some of the pieces that I grew up being inspired by way back in the days that I used to paint and draw every day. We were so lucky on this particular Sunday afternoon to also discover a live quartet playing in one of the main rooms too, which was so moving.

Realisation Par the Alexandra Dusty blue spot dress worn by Inspiring Wit blogger Jenelle Witty
Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress
Paolo Sebastian exhibition at the art gallery of south australia dress

The night before my best friend Irene’s wedding we met up once again to visit a couple of food/ drink spots and chill out. This is one of the things I miss the most about my former life with both of us living in Adelaide. I can not at all convey how happy it made me to have time with my beautiful best friend, who now lives so far from me (about 4000km’s or 2500miles) that the distance is almost the same as Los Angeles to New York. SO FAR!! 

We visited “that French bar with the Gainsbourg portrait!” as we liked to call it (and since we both love him so much, I made sure we got the corner table directly under the painting!), otherwise known as La Buvette. This place became my favourite new wine bar in Adelaide, for obvious reasons (I am a complete Francophile!). I can not wait to go back.

The other place we ended up going back to twice on this trip was Pink Moon Saloon. The cutest tucked away a-frame building, was also home to the best food! (Pictured here is the cheese board because I either Instagram storied or ate the rest of our dishes there too quickly to take a photo!). The staff and chef really took care of us when we got there late and they had closed the kitchen. We had tried eating at a different small bar (with a big reputation!) only to be left waiting for an hour without being served. Lesson learned – we should have just gone straight to Pink Moon Saloon!

Finally, because I could go on and on about the things I have been up to of late- there have been so many launches, openings and events, I have one more special one to share with you! This week, back in Perth I was able to check out the exhibition of one of Perth’s most talented creatives Sheridan Tjhung.

Entitled “Peep Show”, the exhibition was a cross-section of set design, art and flowers. Featuring edible installs, aquariums, neon light, mirrored walls and rare plants, I was completely blown away. Honestly, this was unlike anything I had ever seen, walking through the satin lined walls, over the thick luxurious carpet, past a snake, I felt like I was in a different world.

So magical!

Last by not least…

My final outfit here was this amazing ruffle dress I’d shared back here from master Laura Egloff.  You can tell why I am obsessed, can you not?! So stunning!

Let me know if you like these more personal diary type of posts. I am curious to learn if you want to see more of them, as it has been a while now since I have written any like it. These days a lot of the day to day stuff is shared directly on Instagram stories or Facebook, so I don’t tend to share them here too. However, I get the feeling that the personal side of things is interesting so, tell me what you think! Yay or nay? More or less to read? I can keep them short! Leave me your thoughts and feedback below!

xx Jenelle


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