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how to layer for the cold

My styling tips on how to look chic but stay warm! Layering for the cold, what you need to know.

how to layer with blazers and coats


My tips on layering for the cold weather days. Or simply, mornings. Today it was still 6 degrees at around 8 am, and it doesn’t always get much warmer. While our Australian winter continues, I thought I’d share two of my favourite layering outfits. The idea is to look at ways to add layers that can be taken off to still reveal a cool, chic outfit beneath. Not compromising on style, just keeping you warm.

Often it pays to think ahead when purchasing coats or bigger jackets to accommodate a layer or two beneath. Of course, a toasty underneath thermal layer doesn’t go astray either.

Are you a little lost when it comes to layering? Hate braving the cold weather? Rather give up? Trust me, I’ve felt the same on many occasions. Back in the day, I felt I had no clue as to how to layer. Friends of mine (who to be fair, are also stylists) were so good at it. But I was simply baffled, often left shivering in my outfit as I hadn’t wanted to compromise. With time and thought, I’ve got this sorted. And now it’s time to share my tips with you.

how to layer with blazers and coats
what to wear: cold weather styling tips and how to layer


I love this look! The trench coat is light but actually padded, so it provides extra warmth. I got it a while ago from Uniqlo, and sized up for I could depend on it for layering. A light trench is to me, a perfect finishing layer. If it is not too cold, it can be just enough to ward off wind chill. Need something a little thicker? Try a wool coat, again, opting for one size larger to accommodate an extra layer or two beneath. With this look, I started with a simple white t-shirt, added a denim shirt I’d borrowed from Mario and a wool blend blazer. The shirt and blazer are a size or two bigger than my usual size, allowing for me to have an oversized look. Or alternatively, to layer a knit underneath them should it be even cooler.

Further more, you will notice, I have opted to layer three necklaces at different lengths. Why? Well, first of all, I like this look but second, it mimicks the layering which keeps the eye moving. You might also notice that I went with a patterned blazer layer to keep things interesting too. Alternatively I could have styled the look with a printed shirt. Adding that touch of print just mixes up the layers, making sure they are definitive.

For the lower half, I’ve kept things simple, but gone with a pair of high waisted pants with a belt detail to again create interest. It also ties in the silver hardware from the belt to my boots.

Right after taking these photos it began to rain and I rushed inside, grateful for the outer layer which had time to dry off over lunch.

coat and layered blazer outfit idea
how to stay chic in winter

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Outfit idea for cold weather. Anine Bing sweater and denim jacket outfit
casual outfit idea layering a sweater and denim jacket with white jeans


To be fair, this was a cold morning that got sunny and warm quickly. Hence why I didn’t end up shooting any photos with the teddy coat on. Wish I had! The teddy coat is one of those beloved cool, casual coats that adds an extra texture to any outfit. With this outfit I wanted to be able to pair right back to an all white look with the jeans, sneakers and sweater. Adding a classic oversized denim jacket breaks things up, adds a relaxed toughness and touch of colour.

Again, I’ve layered my necklaces to keep things interesting. Each season, these Anine Bing sweaters are a cool way to add something to your casual wardrobe. I wear mine all the time, and love the oversized relaxed fit. I opt for a size xs which sits perfectly on me. The denim Jacket is also oversized, and a great staple from Bohemian Traders. Adding a little more colour and texture to the look I added a patent burgundy bag from By Far. Likewise the accessories you choose can add interest to an otherwise simple or casual look.

casual outfit with denim jacket and white jeans
outfit details with denim jacket and white veja sneakers
layering outfit with denim jacket and sweater over jeans

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Over to you! Tell me below about your favourite layering looks. Do you start with thermals? I sure do! The thinner the better, as long as they do the trick! I’ve not included any knitwear in these two looks but there are plenty of blog posts styling knitwear for winter on Inspiring Wit. Most recently, this one with three ways to wear a brown knit. If you didn’t catch my rundown of the best winter coats to invest in, find that blog post back here. I get a lot of mine from Uniqlo, including the two pictured here.

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