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Valentine’s Day last-minute gift ideas because it isn’t too late (and these are all winners to last!).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a super hot one here, and I had meant to write this post yesterday, or at least, this morning. It didn’t work out that way so, here I am, finally back at my desk after lunch and some errands. I hope, thus far, you have had a nice day. I concentrated this morning on making sure I got in a decent workout, in anticipation that the weekends seem to go pear-shaped. Though I try to do an average of 45 mins a day, the weekends seem to end up full of birthdays, brunches and catch ups that I don’t realise are on. That is until Mario is reminding me I need to get ready cause we are inevitably running late. My bad. Anyhow, I sometimes miss those windows to get my fitness hit so today I wanted to curb that. And I can already tell that I’m going to have sore muscles all weekend.

Back to Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I have really ever posted a gift idea post specifically for Valentine’s before. It’s not something I tend to think a lot about until the day. However, I did give it some early thought this year. Hence this post.

Below are a couple of things I love and use all the time but feel would be extra special as a nice gift today. One exception to this is a new candle that just arrived yesterday and I am in love. It’s the coolest thing!




Glasshouse FragrancesElectric Love Candle

This is the one! It’s so damn cool! I have too many candles already, but I keep them burning throughout my workday. Trust me when I say they get used. New from one of my all-time favourites, Glasshouse, is the Electric Love candle. With a blend of Ruby Pomelo, Prosecco and Orange Zest, it instantly evokes sunny summer romance. The triple scented blend of fresh fruits, fizzing prosecco and a base of woods and dry amber make it even more memorable. It is possibly the iridescent glass bottle that I love even more. It’s a keeper. I’ve yet to decide what I will use this jar for once the candle is burned. Any suggestions?



I swore this was my signature scent years ago and have not been without it for long since. The most beautiful, classic fragrance, it is such a luxury treat and beautiful gift idea.

Jo Malone LondonCologne

Of course, any Jo Malone London fragrance that feels right is a stunning gift. A little goes a long way, I’ve yet to come close to finishing any of the bottles in my collection. And, I have quite a collection! You can combine them by layering too to create some unique scents.

Tom FordBlack Orchid

This is my go-to evening scent if I have an elegant event or dinner. It’s such a striking fragrance and turns heads. A very special gift.


Tom FordWild Ginger Lip Colour

A little story- I was overseas last year and went into a Tom Ford beauty boutique and of all the colours, this was the one I was drawn too. Before I bought it, I realised I already had it back home. Not one to usually recall a lipstick name, somehow this one had stuck. It’s a gorgeous warm red, creamy and non-drying.

Estee LauderBar Red Pure Colour Love Lipstick

While I am on a roll here with lipsticks, another beautiful shade and formula is Bar Red from Estee Lauder. I’ve got a lot of these Pure Colour Love lipsticks! They have so many colours in the range and again, I love them for being non-drying.

AesopRosehip Seed Lip Cream

This little tube is on hand on my desk. It’s a creamy formula that absorbs quickly and smells amazing. Packed with Vitamins, Ylang Ylang extracts and Tangerine Peel, it replenishes and protects lips across all climates. A bonus is that it is especially caring to lips experiencing seasonal dryness, air-conditioned environments, and long-distance air travel.

SlipSilk Sleep Mask 

I could not miss including Slip in the Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Though I have only had one of these sleep masks since Christmas, I have used it so often and am in love. It by far beats any other eye mask I’ve tried sleeping with. Designed with premium 100% highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme, using non-toxic dyes, it is soft, light and heavenly. The first time I used this one, I found myself relaxing into the deepest sleep. Better still, I wake up without creasing on my face, nor in my hair. One last thing that I love about it? It doesn’t soak up all of your expensive skincare products. This is honestly the sweetest luxury gift without going too overboard.

Click the images below to shop.


I could have included so many other gems in this last-minute guide! Lesson learned I think I will have to put one together earlier next year too. Have a wonderful night. My plan now is to make some homemade chocolate truffles and plan a healthy dinner which we can take with us down to the beach. It’s super hot so I may even commit to a swim if the waves aren’t too high! Wish me luck that there are no sharks! (Not even kidding!)

FYI: Products above are a mix of things I have been gifted and that I have bought. All thoughts and impressions, as always, remain my own.

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