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The March ‘in love with’ update. WARNING: It might get you hooked on more than one new thing!

This year I decided to share a post each month about the things I have been loving. It takes me back to the old MySpace days where I used to write a blog and share the things I was either loving or loathing at the time. My friends were so accommodating to humour me and read these early posts!




Lets start with the outfit I am wearing here, which took me out to a coffee date with my friends Adelle and Mon this weekend. I had tried the Grana Peruvian Cotton t-shirts and loved them so I wanted to try some of their Chinese Silk. This racerback dress was top of my wishlist and I am OBSESSED. The silk is such beautiful quality! I left a lot of my silk dresses behind in storage back in Adelaide when I moved here, thinking I’d never bother with dry cleaning, but I just LOVE wearing silk. Needless to say I welcomed this little black dress into my closet with open arms. It is loose, easy and will be good to style a lot of different ways. A blank canvas is what I am all about!

In styling the black canvas dress, I started with these Tony Bianco boots from Styletread. I have about a billion pairs of black boots (my weakness) so I thought I would give a tan pair a go. They are a little trickier to style, just in terms of getting the colouring right but I honestly love them. What is it about an ankle boot like this that makes me feel so boss?? I am currently wanting to add these to my collection as well: Sol Sana, RMK, Tony Bianco. SO GOOD!!

I know that Styletread is one of the most popular online retailers in Australia but they are entirely new to me. Given the range of styles and brands on offer, I can see why the site is so popular. From every day shoes, office appropriate pairs, through sneakers and occasional shoes, I could add a ton of pairs to my cart. (Not that I have room for them at home!) Even better, I can see pairs that my Mum, or Dad or Mario or my friends would wear so I am just a convert now and will own up to it!

I have been going to Movement Co in Osborne Park for a little while now, a little inconsistently but now that they are on Classpass I can get there more often (actually I am going to use up all of my allocated class access a little too quickly each month!). I have been taking gymnastics classes with Mat which has been just about the coolest thing ever.

I happen to go to 6am classes, after which I feel amazing but post workout super early is probably my least favourite time to take photos ever so I don’t have many to share with you! I will make the effort to go in of an afternoon one day and take some (or video) because I really want to share it with you! I think improving your flexibility is really important for building strong muscles and it is rewarding to do something so new to you and see how much you can push yourself.

On another fitness related ‘love’ I am getting better at yoga and growing in confidence to attempt new moves, which to me is exciting. Progress! (see below)

It sounds a bit lame to say this, but I am going to all the same (lameness is something I have worn for a while and I am comfortable with it) I love sharing the all out honest truth with you guys on here and having so many wicked responses. I jump to read the comments that are left for me, particularly on posts like this one the other week which can stir up feelings of frustration. Keeping it honest is important and I want to create a space for positive, inspiring stories. Thank you for getting on board with me and sharing your honest thoughts in return.

Another thing I am making time for is friendship. Playing card games or going for coffee with friends is such valuable time. I think that it can get overlooked if you are focused on the here and now of your work and routine but face to face time with friends should be a part of that routine. You never know when things will change, I like knowing you have friends to be there for when they need it. You can give them a gesture of encouragement, or do something to help take some pressure off of their schedule or even leave them a gift that will make them smile in a time that they need it. Having people in your life who you can be grateful for, who want to kick around with you is pretty damn cool.

Finally, I have one more thing and actually it is a bit of a problem. Since I got the new Gwen Stefani CD I have been playing it on repeat. The other day I played it in the office at work again and again  all day, the poor guy in the office with me thought I was nuts. At least, I drove him nuts. Sorry man! This is what the truth feels like.

photographed by: MONIQUE CECCATO

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