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by jenellewitty@gmail.com
On Friday I attended a luncheon with Josh Goot for Muse Boutique at the Scool Restaurant on Glenelg’s foreshore.
A beautiful day, I quickly chose one of my favourite Josh Goot pieces to wear and brave the winter chill before running off to the workshop to check up on my Cabaret Festival construction. Beaming because my builds are looking AMAZING (I can not wait to share what we are making, it is HUGE- lookout Adelaide!), I raced down to Glenelg.
The Scool menu presented delicious food from chef Chris Jarmer to compliment a summery glass of Moët Ice Impérial. The Belgian Chocolate Mouse with Popping Candy was a definite favourite! 

A bright, cheery room full of excited Adelaide fashion lovers, toting their prized Givenchy bags, chatted excitedly about their favourite Josh Goot seasons before tucking into lunch and the show.

As presented by Muse Boutique and The Style Set, models from Pride showcased stunning Josh Goot pieces from the current collections available in store along with an exclusive preview of AW13.
The Style Set is the online extension of Muse Boutique, established in 2005 by sisters Kristie and Amy Manuel. Their passion, innovation and commitment to exceptional service have led Muse Boutique to become one of Australia’s leading fashion stores. Indeed Muse Boutique is one of Adelaide’s premier boutiques, stocking Australian and International labels including Josh Goot. 
The collections encapsulated the spirit of a modern woman, by being bold, dynamic and beautiful. Exquisite luxury fabrics are paired with digital graphic prints that somehow redefine classic prints such as leopard, cheetah, python, marble and more. Josh is known for taking sportswear shapes such as the racerback and creating covetable dresses that carry themselves across from day to night, casual to a red carpet. His bomber jackets are second to none and have fast become his most desired item. Styled with pencil skirts, the bomber becomes versatile enough to wear into the office, causing a statement amongst conservative co-workers (trust me on this one! Whatever, I am a designer, I can wear whatever I like. Go your own way!). 
Josh spoke about the philosophy behind the brand, affirming that his design process is one with obvious consideration and depth. 
Originally drawn towards communications, rather than fashion, Josh has found a way to communicate through the fashion medium. Telling a story through garment design, Josh commentates how we see ourselves as a culture today and tomorrow. Designing for the modern urban woman, Josh highlighted the importance of creating garments which give her an extra boost in confidence.
There is one thing I can say for certain, that in one of Josh’s pieces I feel beyond confident. It is somehow like having your own armour, in the sense that in choosing one of Josh’s pieces, you clearly communicate your personality to the world around you. People engage with you in Josh’s pieces. I never fail to have people strike up a conversation with me about my clothing when I wear Josh Goot. Sometimes I have random people say something to me without even helping it, and later excusing themselves for interrupting me “But I had to say something! Wow.”
Each Josh Goot design tells a story, engaging with the greater community. 
Sometimes I don’t need to say anything, I like my clothes to be considered, deliberate, and ultimately to speak for me. They become a second skin. 
Anticipating a chilly day, I settled on wearing this black suede and wool fitted dress from one of Josh’s Winter collections a few years ago. When I went over to say hello and meet Josh properly he commented that he’d thought “Nice dress” from the other side of the restaurant, but only realised once I was closer that it was one of his.  
Somehow I think that is a job well done. :)
My picks from the presentation were the cheetah relaxed tee and marble-rose bomber. 
The purple python dress also comes in a beautiful tee, which has my name all over it.
I actually have two outfit posts to share in which I styled one of Josh’s Future Basic Foam racerback singlets two ways. These will be coming to the blog shortly, so keep an eye out. 
More photos from the lunch are up on Instagram now, so make sure you are following. 
A special thanks to Muse for allowing Adelaide to engage with one of Australia’s leading designers. 


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