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my jewellery collection of mostly minimal gold pieces to layer. I love mixing and matching jewellery to elevate my outfits.

Where I shop for my minimal jewellery collection and how I layer to create a more polished outfit.

How I elevate an all white outfit with some minimal gold jewellery. A jeans and a sweater outfit made a lot more interesting with gold jewellery layers.


Last month, I made a little video on my YouTube channel about my jewellery collection and I thought I’d share a story on it here too.

First of all, I want to say that my collection is generally middle of the range in terms of the price points, I’ve definitely grown out of the cheap pieces I used to collect when I was younger. And am not quite willing to drop a ton of money on any one piece. So, if you are a bit like me and want great quality pieces to wear over and over, that are a worthy investment, you have come to the right place!

When I moved states, a decade ago now, I culled my collection. Landing in my new city (Perth) I had literally NO JEWELLERY. At all. I’ve been collecting pieces for about eight years, discovering great Australian and international brands. My jewellery collection is largely minimal gold pieces that I’ve collected to layer, mix, and match with a few statement pieces.


On a typical day working from home, I wear no makeup and no jewellery. In general, I still avoid wearing makeup if I go out but I tend to layer up some jewellery. It makes me feel more put together, more polished. To be fair, I dress pretty casually on most days and often keep things minimal.

I love to layer at least three necklace lengths, with a mix of chains, pendant necklaces and chains with little details. Mixing up the lengths and details keeps things interesting and I can combine for an endless number of combinations. Handy when you repeat outfits as often as I do.

Similarly, I’ve been collecting bracelets and bangles to create a stack. Layering chains, bangles with gemstones, pearls, diamonds etc. I mix silver and gold, thicknesses and so on. It’s a personal stack that keeps growing and again elevates my outfits.

necklace and bangle layers worn over a graphic sweater from Anine Bing with cream jeans for a chic but casual outfit idea.


Thus far I’ve kept pieces on a tree stand which works for the bits I use most and I hang the hoop earrings over a small glass. I’ve looked at jewellery storage trays with compartments from Ikea and Amazon in felt or linen. These look like great practical options to avoid tangles and allow you to see what you have. That is a big thing for me since I have an average memory. Out of sight, out of mind? Yes. Big time! I need to see what I have.

Seeing it all encourages you to shop less and love what you have. Plus it feels like you are in a jewellery store filled with things you love, custom to you! How cool is that!?!


After doing some research, I have my eye on a series of jewellery trays from a heritage brand called Wolf. Established in 1834, Wolf makes jewellery boxes for the likes of Omega, Tissot, Zodiac and Citizen so you know they are the best quality! Actually, Philip Wolf III was the inventor of the music box with turning ballerina. I was introduced to them via Shopbop when I was given a Shopbop Rewards loyalty gift Wolf travel jewellery box. It’s perfect.

Wolf has an anti-tarnish feature to its leather boxes and trays. Before I made that video I spent HALF A DAY (!!) polishing my jewellery. Some pieces were so tarnished and I’d only had them for a short while. Clearly, my storage isn’t up to scratch! After wasting so much time polishing I’d prefer to spend more and save time later by sorting out the anti-tarnish situation. When I order the trays I’ll share a new post of how I’ve organised them all. Stay tuned.

My bracelet and bangle stack with gold and pearl details. How I layer jewellery to elevate my simple outfits.


There are so many brands out there to choose from when it comes to jewellery! It can be overwhelming. Personally, I find myself drawn to gold, but have been through my phases of silver and rose gold, so I have a mixture. As I said in my video (click to watch it here and be sure to subscribe), I feel like rules are irrelevant. If you want to mix colours, do it, I love that!

Make your jewellery personal. One of the best things about adding a finishing detail like an earring is that you can share something that really resonates with you. You might like something quirky, fun, colourful, traditional… you do you!

Jenelle from the fashion blog Inspiring Wit wearing some of her favourite jewellery pieces to create a cool and casual outfit.


Obviously, we have the general categories of necklaces, bangles, rings, and hoop earrings. Aside from these, I tend to categorise my jewellery into the ‘everyday’ pieces, the fun ‘extra’ pieces and ‘luxury’ pieces.

The everyday pieces I have the most of, these are the items I layer, reach for the most and I like options to mix and match.

The extra pieces are more occasional wear or attention-grabbing, perfect for a really basic outfit. For example, a Swarovski crystal necklace worn can really elevate a plain crew-neck tee and jeans outfit. In this category, I include anything super sparkling, or seasonal- eg summery shell jewellery.

Finally, the luxury pieces are just that- the fine jewellery, pearls, diamonds, and so on. I may still wear them on a day-to-day basis, but I make sure they are put away safely!

How to elevate any outfit with gold jewellery and the best way to layer.


If you watch my video you will see a lot of different pieces and brands. I highlighted some of my favourites. Given I live in Western Australia, one of the biggest influences is the pearl industry. I love pearls, they are natural, unpredictable and for that reason, special.

I appreciate finding cool new brands all the time usually via Instagram or online. On my radar at the moment? NY-based, Mateo who design beautiful pearl and diamond pieces. Amsterdam based Maison Irem for a bit of fun and colour. Cute little earrings from Agmes, another NYC based brand. Last but not least, I just got a stunning bracelet from Tohum. I can’t wait to wear that one!

Of late, I’ve been wearing pieces from APM Monaco, Wanderlust & Co, Vela, Arms of Eve, and many more.


The three main brands I wear day-to-day and have a lot of pieces from are the following:


A British brand, Astley Clarke’s pieces are made to be worn, layered, gifted, and enjoyed every day. I have bracelets, bangles, necklaces, rings and earrings from them. They exude elegance and timelessness, I adore them all. Astley Clarke offers personalisation on some pieces like their signet rings or lockets in which they can add a photo and engrave them for you. I love the attention to detail in their designs and of course the quality.

Most of the pieces I have are crafted from 18-carat yellow gold-plated sterling silver with fine or demi-fine precious gemstones. I wear them on the blog all the time, chances are I’m wearing at least one of their pieces every day. Also available at David Jones.

my favourite jewellery brands that are high quality without breaking the bank.


Another brand I am likely to be wearing every day is the Australian brand Murkani. Founder, Kiralee’s Australian background combined with extensive time living and travelling overseas influenced her pieces to have a slightly relaxed boho aesthetic. I love the travel inspirations, the pieces are unique and so wearable. Generally, I mix and match from different collections, mostly in 18 KT Yellow Gold plated onto Brass.


Mejuri are all about making wearable pieces too, rather than opting to save things for special occasions. Based out of Toronto, they manufacture all over the world, turning to specialist craftsmen to produce small batches. Working directly with them means Mejuri can cut costs and choose not to mark prices up as high as traditional retail (who often mark up 8 to 10 times!). I love their croissant series the most! Most of my Mejuri pieces are vermeil (a thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver).



I’d love to hear where you get your jewellery from, how you store yours, and of course what you wear the most! Please let me know below. Are you a big gold fan too? Prefer silver? It’s such a personal thing, so of course, everyone is different. There is something so fascinating about seeing someone else’s jewellery collection too. Maybe it is a little like uncovering a new kind of treasure. Or, simply a good way to get to know someone a little better.


Photographed by Jenelle Witty and Mario Recchia.

BTW: as you lovely readers know, my links are sometimes affiliate links. This means if you do like something featured in this post and choose to buy it, I may receive a small commission from the brand as a thank you. The commission is at no cost to the consumer aka you! In fact, it helps me keep creating content like this to inspire you. Thank you for your support!

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