by jenellewitty@gmail.com

Paris Inspiring Wit

This weekend has been heartbreaking.

As you well know, the events over the weekend have been completely heartbreaking. I feel I have few words. In following my heart, I just wished to express that my thoughts and love are sent to people I may not know personally but whom can no less care for.

Yes, I love Paris, it is my favourite place. The image above is one of many happy memories of my time spent there. It was days ago that Mario and I spent time on the streets around Bataclan and yes, I am a fan of The Eagles of Death Metal. (I love Josh Homme). Prior to leaving I had been searching for gigs to go to while we were over and it all feels very close to home. As did my friends over there checking in as ‘safe’ and being notified on my phone. I guess that was someone’s intention. In saying this, I wish to share and send out my love to the people of Paris and to the rest of the world who have felt this heartbreak over the past few days.

Our world is not so small and we all have love to give. The events of this weekend only deepen my feelings that it is important to share our time with others, to love and appreciate one another.



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